Samsungs Recall, Hoverboard Chairs, & The Great Trumpkin, All This & More In The Weekly Spread!

This past Sunday was the second Presidential Debate, and by all accounts, it was fairly grisly. Here are some highlights, if you missed it. Even with two moderators, the debate saw its fair share of candidates loudly talking over each other and their time limits. After attacks shot back and forth, discussions on the honesty of Abraham Lincoln, and a declaration from Trump that he is “not un-proud” of his Twitter account, the debate ended on an audience member asking that each candidate state a positive quality that they admired in their opponent. Clinton responded first with her respect for her opponent’s children, while Trump responded that he has to admire that Clinton “doesn’t give up”, seeming to undermine some previous attacks on the Democratic candidate's “stamina”.  At this rate Debate 3 is going to make Ali vs Frazier look like a slap fight!

Even though all this might seem exhausting, this fall’s election does open the door for some creative political pumpkin-carving. The “Trumpkin” has already begun to gain mass popularity among the terrifying jack-o-lanterns of the season, and there are plenty of skilled carvers decorating for Halloween with Clinton-faced pumpkins.  Halloween costumes are also cashing in on the election. My favorite, Sexual Misconduct Trump, comes with a matching Crying Billy Bush costume for your “Locker Room Talk” buddy.

Wells Fargo CEO Joe Stumpf has reportedly retired from his position after the heat the major U.S. bank has been receiving following the disclosure of fake account information and a subsequent $185 million dollar fine by state and federal regulators. Chief operating officer Tim Sloan has been elected to replace Stumpf. Great news for everyone that suddenly found themselves with 43 additional checking accounts they didn’t know they had.

In the wake of the devastating Hurricane Matthew, as many are still recovering, Hurricane Nicole looked like more trouble on the horizon. After a direct hit on Bermuda, the category 3 storm has begun to wind down but still could pose some residual threats. As you make sure you are prepared for any other oncoming storms, here is one way to send aid to those who are dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Mathew.

Have you been thinking perhaps that walking or bicycling is soon to be an outdated way of getting around the neighborhood? Well, check out this DIY hoverboard chair. The wave of the future is now easy, chic, and affordable with this transportation device that can be made with household objects and tools for under 50 dollars. As long as you’ve got someone to lend you a hoverboard, all you need is a bargain beach chair, a few wheels and you’ll even have some cash left over! (Disclaimer: safety of this homemade contraption not guaranteed). Just remember that hoverboards don’t work on water, UNLESS YOU HAVE POWER!

Speaking of hazardous devices, the Galaxy Note 7 is exploding! Unfortunately for Samsung, not out of popularity, but literally. About a month ago, it was discovered that due to battery failings, the smartphone has a high propensity for combustion, leading to personal and property damage. Lest you think the peril is overblown, users have posted videos of the moments in which their phones began to ‘shoot plumes of smoke’ as well as some helpful tips on how you should handle the situation post-explosion. At least Samsung is supplying intense fireproof boxes for returns. On a plus side, if you’re trying to go as Batman’s Two-Face for Halloween, this phone could be for you!

This year’s winners of the Nobel Prize have elicited some disappointment, as even though they are each obviously accomplished in their field, there is no female representation in the 2016 lineup. However, folk music fans will be pleased to see Bob Dylan as the winner in the literature category and The Simpson’s Milhouse finally saw his prediction of Bengt Holmström winning the Nobel Prize for economics come to fruition after 10 years. Looks like everything’s finally coming up Milhouse!  

Finally, in an update on the ongoing, worldwide terrifying clown epidemic, the UK is ready for them with Batman to defend the innocent masses. After traumatic clown sightings left the poor children of Whitehave, Cumbria too scared to sleep; a local costume company sent our favorite caped crusader to the rescue. Truly the hero these children need AND deserve.

Lastly in news of the cute-and-cuddly, you need to see this video of this adorable manatee hanging out in the flood front yard of a Florida man’s house. Cue “Awww”’s!