Snowmageddon, Sriracha, Sarah Palin and More In The Weekly Spread!

Looks like the East Coast is in for another Snowmageddon. Forecasts are predicting a storm that could paralyze the coast from Washington D.C. to New York City, with accumulations up to at least two feet in some areas combined with hurricane-force winds and possibility for major coastal flooding. Yikes! The nation’s capital has even lifted the ban on sledding down Capitol Hill in time for some epic snow day activity. Time to stock up on hot chocolate and flashlights (or milk and bread if you live in the South).

Attention all Sriracha lovers (and let’s face it, who isn’t): your most trusted hot sauce is now available in single-serve packets. While it’s not clear yet if and where these packets will be offered alongside the other lesser-condiments  in your favorite restaurants, you can at least stop worrying about lugging around that 28oz bottle of emergency Sriracha you’ve been carrying since 2008.

Some news from outer space: a giant black hole may be quite literally ripping apart one of the brightest galaxies. Located nearly 12.4 billion light years away from Earth, galaxy W2246-0526 looks as though it’s being eaten up by a black hole and may either explode or collapse into itself. We may also have an unknown 9th planet sneaking around our solar system. New evidence is suggesting that a large and never-before-seen planet may be circling the sun once every 10,000 to 20,000 years, filling in a gap and giving us a little more info on our Milky Way.

It’s a new year, time to introduce yourself to some new apps. Check out these apps, available on iOS and Android, that are designed to help you shape a new and better you. From fitness motivators, to meditative and zen helpers, brain training and linguistic coaching, to a digitized personal dresser for when you feel like you need a fresh new look - who needs other humans when you can get everything you need from your iPhone?

Thought you’d heard the last of pharma bro Martin Shkreli? Unfortunately, you thought wrong. The former Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO, and crazed Taylor Swift stalker, seems to be unbothered by being arrested for fraud charges and being abhorred by the general public. In order to keep things exciting while he’s out on bail, Shkreli has taken to live-streaming his daily life on Youtube. Thank goodness, because it’s clear that there’s nothing we want to watch more than this bratty hedge fund bro playing League of Legends and whitening his teeth.

Forget about the hype of self-driving cars, make way for the self driving stroller! Smartbe is the first intelligent stroller in the market, allowing you to take your baby out for a stroll and then forget all about it! With a 6 hour battery, this stroller will keep pace with you whether you’re headed out for a quick jog or a leisurely stroll at the same time as it charges your smartphone-  and you won’t have to worry about pushing it at all. It will only cost you about $3,199.00 plus shipping. Pretty cheap when you compare this cost to the therapy bills of your robot-raised children.   

Sarah Palin has officially endorsed Donald Trump’s campaign, and it was a sight to be seen. On Tuesday in Ames, Iowa, Palin put some real fire under the campaign trail as she gave a speech supporting Trump. In addition to some not so tasteful jokes about suicide bombers, highlights of her impassioned speech include her description of herself and Trump as “Right-winging, bitter-clinging, proud clingers of our guns, our God, and our religion, and our Constitution.” and accusing the “dopes in Washington” of being addicted to opium. En lieu of a joke (of which we have several), we’ve decided to just share this YouTube video clip of all the other inane, ridiculous things Sarah Palin has said. Enjoy.