Super Tuesday, Pizza Robots, SXSW Snapchats and More In The Weekly Spread!

As the campaign moves ahead, Hillary Clinton has held her place ahead in the polls on the democratic front. President Obama recently gave some private advice to Democratic donors, saying that it will soon be time for them to back Clinton as their candidate. Unfortunately for Bernie Sanders, it looks as though some are beginning to lose faith in his prospects. The republican front continues to provide us with ample entertainment. Marco Rubio, in his recent press conference in Florida, warned the country against the “chaos and anarchy” that could be imminent for our current political situation. Fairly explicitly anti-Trump, this speech garnered a substantial response, but may be too late. Anyone else ready for it to be November 9th?

Gone are the days of endless YouTube links between you and your FB messenger pals. Adding a new integration to their messenger platform, Facebook now allows you to share your customized Spotify playlists and songs inside of Messenger conversations. Now, do you “like”, “love”, or “wow” this new feature? We’re still getting used to the new reaction buttons. We even think they could have covered a bit more ground and gotten to the root of some the visceral reactions one experiences while scrolling down their news feed. Here’s some other reaction that could have been useful for those moments when someone’s status physically makes you cringe. Seriously, how many duck-lipped selfies can someone take?  

Having one of those days where your only human interaction is the pizza delivery guy (Hello Daredevil season 2!)? Well, soon you might not even have to deal with him. Domino’s new pizza delivery robot is hitting the streets. Plans to deploy the new DRU (Domino Robotic Unit) are beginning in the company’s Australian branch. This little guy can navigate around the city, while keeping your pizza hot and fresh, and arrive promptly at your doorstep! From a Domino’s CEO: “DRU is cheeky and endearing and we are confident that one day he will become an integral part of the Domino’s family.” Anyone else having flashbacks to Nintendo’s R.O.B.? Now THAT was a cheeky brand robot.

Speaking of living in the 21st century, you can now make payments with a selfie! Amazon is working on a patent that will use a customer’s picture to authorize a transaction. It must be a selfie, in real time, of course for the face recognition to be an effective method of authorization and hacker prevention. Now Amazon will be able to get a real glimpse of the crazed faces of late-night online shoppers. Selfies are no longer just for the kids, not only that, they may be becoming an integral part of modern commerce.

Keep up with the South by Southwest music festival by tuning into Austin’s Snapchat story. Get the insight into where the best spots for music and cuisine are, and even enter into a doodle contest! Seems that Snapchat has infiltrated into other aspects of the festival as well, with A$AP Ferg premiering the first ever exclusively Snapchat-filmed music documentary. This MTV doc, filmed live in 10 second increments, follows the hip-hop star tapped as a featured artist for the Woodies emerging artists’ showcase. And they say our attention spans are getting shorter? Scoff!

Apple’s March 21st product event promises a downsizing of the iPhone model, among other things. Rather than taking leaps in innovation, Apple’s much anticipated 4-inch iPhone (4-inches?! What is this, a cellphone for ants?!), the iPhone SE, aims to be the small and affordable that customers are looking for. We’ll have to wait and see if the company plans on trying out any new features on this model. In addition to the tiny iPhone reveal, Apple will also reveal a new iPad flagship, most likely a MacBook update, and surely address the market position of the Apple Watch.

In other important news, Richard Simmons has assured us all that no one has been holding him hostage. Our favorite workout model has tuned in to dispel the rumors that he has been being held captive by his housekeeper, he’s just “doing what he wants to do” which happens to be lying low and spending some quality home time. He promises that we have not seen the last of him, however, his career still has a trajectory to finish. Thank goodness, his disappearance had us sweatin’!