Super Of The Week: Faith Albert

Allow us to introduce Faith Albert, our super of the week!

 Senior Account Manager
Super Power: I can talk on the phone for hours on end without getting dry mouth. It's a gift. I was born with it. 
5 Things You Should Know:
  1. I can clap with one hand.
  2. I was once on SNL. 
  3. I find it difficult to make it through the day without puns. 
  4. When I was confirmed, they read the wrong name, so I am officially Faith Faith Christina Albert.
  5. I'm the most obnoxious sports fan you will ever meet; Eagles, Buckeyes, O's, Spurs. 

Favorite Quote: "I'm sorry that people are so jealous of me, but I can't help it that I'm popular!" - Gretchen Wieners