Super Of The Week: Kara Ashe

Allow us to introduce Kara Ashe, our super of the week!

Director, Channel Partnerships
Super Power: Kara can [and will] give you an organic, cruelty-free and/or vegan substitution for any cosmetic, skincare or food item.
5 Things You Should Know:
  1. While she has little upper body strength, Kara likes to wall climb and take aerial conditioning classes. She hasn't fallen off of a static trapeze yet!
  2. She hasn't lived in Baltimore for over a decade, but refuses to give up her (443) cell phone number.
  3. She tends to get lost going anywhere. Even going home.
  4. Kara almost always wears black, but will quite literally stop in her tracks to look at anything in her favorite color, pink.
  5. Despite living her entire life in coastal cities (Baltimore, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Los Angeles), never learned to swim.

Favorite quote: "Sometimes, I think I'm a spambot because I can't read the code." -Jai Rice