Super Of The Week: Stefanie Marca

Get to know our amazing team! Allow us to introduce Stefanie Marca, our super of the week! 

Title: Account Manager

Super Power: Can calm even the grumpiest person by absorbing their anger and converting it into good-spirited road rage
5 Things You Should Know:
  1. Lived in Tokyo for 4 years and can write you a choice travel itinerary in under five minutes
  2. If there's a body of water with non-lethal ledges nearby, she will jump off the highest one
  3. Carries around cat-shaped brass (ok, plastic) knuckles in case things get weird
  4. Once assisted in sea turtle egg collecting which is much slimier than one would imagine
  5. Native Californian, still trying to figure out life without the constant threat of wildfires

"Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don't."―Bill Nye