Tesla's Model 3, Chipotle Hamburgers, Flying Selfie Sticks and More In The Weekly Spread

The Tesla Model 3 has finally been unveiled. CEO and co-founder Elon Musk opened up orders an hour before the official unveiling, even extending the online ordering process to more countries. Within just 24 hours of the pre-ordering process, the company had 134,000 of their Model 3 cars accounted for. Looks like some seriously high-tech (and affordably sexy) innovations for the auto industry are on the horizon.

More on the horizon of a new generation of tech humans: introducing the flying selfie stick! Clearly, we must press on with innovations and inventions in pursuit of the perfect selfie. The ROAM-e, from Australian tech company IoT Group, has been defined as “a selfie stick on steroids”, aiming to solve the problem that so many have had of the selfie stick just not being long enough to capture the best face angles. Well, never fear. You just tether your smartphone onto the ROAM-e and its facial recognition technology can snap pics, 360-degree panoramas, or live video stream of you from up to 82 feet away. So ROAM-e if you want to! ROAM-e around the world!

This one is not a prank! Chipotle may soon be offering hamburgers. As if it wasn’t already your go-to fast food option, this blockbuster burrito joint is introducing a whole new range of possibilities. The company announced on Wednesday that they have applied for the trademark “Better Burger”, hoping to push their way into the already crowded burger market. Does this seem like an underhanded competition after McDonald’s support in the company getting started? Perhaps just another effort to recover from the great Chipotle E. Coli disaster of 2016, guess all those free burritos didn’t quite work as well as they’d hoped.

Are you a conscientious inhibitor of the earth who is concerned about the massive amount of discarded plasticware in landfills around the globe? Well, here is a clever and tasty solution! Peesapaty is a researcher and agriculture consultant from Hyderabad, India, and they have just introduced a new line of edible utensils. With these spoons made out of compressed millet, rice and wheat flours, you can scoop up a mouthful of your lunch and just keep chomping until you’ve nothing left to contribute to a landfill! They even come in a variety of flavors from savory to sweet to fit all of your snacking needs. And don’t worry -  if you really don’t want to eat your spoon, it will decompose in just a few days.

This week marks the loss of another member of the entertainment industry. Patty Duke, former child TV star, Oscar-winning actress of both the stage and the screen, passed away on Tuesday. Duke leaves behind a respected legacy. In addition to her success in television, starring in her own show, Patty Duke also served as president of the Screen Actors Guild for some time and is known to have advocated for mental health.

Last week’s release of Batman vs. Superman marked another record box office haul for Easter weekend. Generally, fans did not seem overly impressed and critics were anything but kind, but the hype for this Warner Bros. blockbuster was enough to pull in an estimated total of $170 million. Spoiler alert, but here are just a few of the plot holes and continuity errors that had fans and critics a bit unimpressed by the major action flick. But that fight scene with Doomsday? And OMG Wonder Woman?! Critics Smitics, that movie was awesome!

Unicorns might have been real, and this is not a joke. New discoveries have revealed a more recent date of extinction for the “Siberian Unicorn”. A new radiocarbon date from this mythical creature of the sizeable horn indicate that that it may have survived a whole 300,000 more years than scientists previously thought. And, okay, it may be more like a rhinoceros with a really big horn than an actual unicorn...but we might as well let 12-year-old girls around the globe have this moment of triumph.

Google’s sneaky April Fool’s prank seems to has backfired a little bit. The general public and email dependent communicators were less than amused today when the little minion “Mic Drop” feature was a bit too easy to accidentally click on and send important business email chains into disarray. You would think it a harmless joke to offer the option of adding a snarky GIF to your email response, but it can quickly become uncomfortable when a little cartoon thumb is dropping the mic on your message about funeral arrangements. Google has apologized and turned off the feature, but you can still look for some of their other pranks today like “searchable socks: guaranteed to help you find your socks through the internet”.  Hint - they’re under the bed. They are always under the bed.