Trump Wins, Appalachia Wildfires, and Snapchat's New Lenses, All This & More In The Weekly Spread!

After months of gruesome campaigning, America has elected Donald Trump as president. The country must now face the reality of a Trump/Pence White House. In a divided front, it seems that half of America celebrates the victory of their president-elect while the other half protests against someone they believe to be a hateful threat to the country.  For those surprised by the outcome, the election results provide a sobering reminder that echo chambers and assumed-Ad Populum reasoning are not an effective temperature check on the wishes of our nation’s people.

Meanwhile, those across the pond in England can commiserate with Americans unhappy with the election results, as they are still dealing with their own political disputes after Brexit - but that hasn’t stopped many Brits on Twitter from trying to steal Obama away to be their next prime minister before he’s even out of the White House. This might have some people thinking that perhaps an offer from the queen to restore British rule over the United States wouldn’t be so bad after all. For those looking to be a part of the Union Jack again, it’s a shame the term “Tea Party” is already taken!  
Airlines have also been thinking of those Americans who feel the need to escape disaster by offering a range of discounted flights and vacations. Spirit Airlines apparently heard that we crashed the Canadian immigration site on election night, and is now offering 75% off on flights to Montreal and Toronto. We assume these flights also come with a complimentary bowl of poutine.
To add even more stress to our lives, Snapchat was down for an hour on Wednesday afternoon.  Oh, the tragedy! Don’t worry though - it’s up and running now and you can check out Snapchat’s latest feature - the new world lenses. Perhaps Snapchat is telling us to check the vanity and switch out a selfie or two with our surroundings, with some augmented reality rainbows and emojis of course. Instagram also has some upgraded features to advertise. Taking a page from Snapchat’s book, Instagram is committed to the ‘story’ - but now you can also tag people in your IG story! The battle of in-the-moment video is well underway!
Wildfires abound in the Appalachia region of North Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee as record breaking heat and long-term drought has combined into a perfect fire-starting storm. As global temperatures continue to rise, and weather-related disasters also become more prevalent, now might not be the time to appoint a self-proclaimed Climate Skeptic as head of the EPA. Just saying...
Lest we forget about the recent sporting victory of the Chicago Cubs, a diehard fan just got the marquee of Wrigley Field tattooed onto the top of his head. Chicago tattoo parlors have doubtless been busy with loyal and excited fans wanting an inked commemoration, but this massive head tattoo takes the cake. Hey, maybe he can start a club with the Romney face tattoo guy!
Beloved and prolific singer and songwriter Leonard Cohen passed away this week, at the age of 82. Cohen has been a widely revered musician, an artist whose contributions and influences have extended through many decades. Emerging in the sixties, among the likes of influential figures and songwriters such as Bob Dylan and Paul Simon, Cohen observed success until the end of his life, releasing his last album You Want It Darker just earlier this year. Cohen has left a lasting musical legacy, among other things, and many mourn the loss of a great artist. Hallelujah Leonard.
Think your childhood LEGO cityscapes were impressive, check out this fully-functioning particle accelerator built entirely out of LEGOs. The replica uses a LEGO soccer ball as the particle and can accelerate the ball up to 12.5 Kph. While this replica doesn’t pose a threat to spacetime, feet everywhere should be on guard!
One man’s trash is another man’s beautiful animal sculpture! South Dakota artist John Lopez has made a series of forged animal sculptures made from discarded farm equipment. The pieces highlight the American West, as John has created bison, cowboys, steer and horses from random bits of found metal. Our personal favorite, this life size cowboy riding a full-size Triceratops! Fred Flintstone eat your heart out.
In closing, here is a kitten-assisted meditation video for anyone who feels like they need to take a few deep breaths and find some inner peace after this week.