Willy Wonka, Hi-Tech Money, & New Eminem, All This & More In The Weekly Spread!

Wednesday night was the third and final Presidential debate of this year’s election. Sad to say, they didn’t get much better as they went along. While many agree that Hillary Clinton was the “winner” of this debate, it seems that democracy and maturity were among the losers with the debate unravelling into an “I know you are but what am I” moment when Hillary called Trump a puppet of Putin. The GOP candidate ladies and gentlemen. Besides, like either one of these candidates could hold a candle to the true champion of Russian puppets.

To attest to the significance of this election and the impact that its rocky course has had on the public, here is Eminem to weigh in on the process with his new track, “Campaign Speech”. The song has a lot to say about Donald Trump and a few others, and even ends with a question towards the rapper’s own existential and self-reflective musings. Whoa, who knew Slim Shady had such layers?

History was also made this week with the first ever presidential endorsement by Vogue magazine. In the article outlining their endorsement of Hillary Clinton, the magazine’s editors highlighted the importance of this election as their reason for breaking the former trend of the publication not speaking publicly to political matters. So way to go Hilary locking up the high-fashion vote!

Beyonce and Nikki Minaj were the stars of this year’s Tidal X concert in Brooklyn, along with Alicia Keys, Blood Orange and other big names (Joe Jonas anyone?!). Among some of the notable moments of the evening, Beyonce stunned the crowd with a swinging braid at least a couple feet long. Rapunzel better watch herself. The danger of the braid was realized when it caught hold of Queen Bey’s earring and practically ripped it out of her ear! Proving once again that Miss B is Flawless!

Speaking of Tidal, the guys are still entrenched in the battle of streaming services. Rapper Kanye West expressed some of his concerns this past Wednesday, stating the issues surrounding competition between Tidal and Apple music as the reason that there will not be a follow-up album to his and Jay-Z’s joint project ‘Watch the Throne’.  A shame really, as we’d all love to see what the rest of Kanye and Jay-Z’s European tour would look like!

Get ready to buy a golden ticket and prepare your appetite for some Everlasting Gobstoppers, because Warner Bros. is planning another Willy Wonka reboot. With writer Simon Rich, from The Secret Life of Pets, and producer David Heyman whose previous credits include the Harry Potter franchise, the film is still in the conceptual works, but promises to give exciting new life to Roald Dahl’s classic characters. After all, the new rule in Hollywood, if one reboot doesn't work, hit them again! Looking at you new, new Spiderman.

In other new entertainment on the horizon, popular video game Red Dead Redemption is coming out with a much anticipated sequel. Leaked info from Rockstar Games suggests more intricate maps and multiple playable characters. Entitled “Legends of the West”, the sequel is due to come out in Fall 2017; high school and college gamers are already planning their gap years.

Australia’s fancy new money is causing all sorts of problems! The new Australian $5 bill is so high-tech that it’s confusing a lot of vending machines and other automatic money taking machines. However, leave it to the Australians to turn any deficit into a reason to party as the new note can be used in a pinch to PLAY VINYL RECORDS! Time to brush off those “Men at Work” albums. Your move Mr. Lincoln.  

When Poseidon is angry, it’s best not to be around. One unlucky reporter felt his wrath the hard way when they had a fish fly through the air and smack them in the face - and the internet remixed it into an amazing slap-fest!

Welcome to 1984. Georgetown Law’s Center for Privacy & Technology released a 150-page report this week (thank god for an executive summary). It’s findings? 117 million Americans (half of U.S. adults) are at risk for being used in a “virtual line-up” by law enforcement - and all because they’ve posed for a driver’s license or state ID. This large swath of law-abiding citizens are being matched against grainy photos of criminals by police units, from local to the FBI, through the use facial recognition software. They found that local, state and federal laws using of the technology are inconsistent (some agencies are using it to scan faces in real time while people walk in a crosswalk), only 1 state has laws prohibiting law enforcement from using the technology to track people exercising their right to free speech (Ohio, of all places), and that it’s not very accurate (the FBI conducted a study finding it’s less accurate on “people of color”). New privacy invention: full-time facial pixelation helmet.

Super-Elephant! A rescued elephant at Elephant Nature Park in Thailand thought his trainer, out for a swim, was drowning and sprung into action! The adorable video shows Kham Lha breaking from the rest of the elephant herd and sprinting through the water to “help” his friend. Who needs Dumbo?