Winter Storm Jonas, Sundance, "Be like Bill" and More In The Weekly Spread!

Most of us over on the east coast are still recovering from this past weekend’s blizzard. This time, the hype might have been justified. Winter storm Jonas was a doozy. With snowfalls ranging from 18 to 29 inches, this was one of the biggest storms on record for many major east coast cities. As the parking spot wars rage on with lawn chairs in place and many a passive aggressive note describing in detail the grueling labor it took to dig out their cars from mountains of snow, New Yorkers are trying their best to avoid the deadly and deceptive slush puddles.

Much of South America is facing an explosion of the mosquito-borne Zika virus. The virus outbreak has been linked to a large number of cases of birth defects in addition to other complications. As the World Health Organization warns that it may turn into an international health emergency, awareness is growing and the threat of this virus may affect Brazil’s plans for hosting the Olympics this summer.

With news from the campaign trail, Donald Trump skipped the recent Fox news GOP debate and hosted his own event. We probably shouldn’t even be surprised at Trump pulling off a counter-programming feat like this, as he managed to charm hundreds of enthusiastic supporters while he boasted about the funds he had raised to support the nation’s veterans. Back at the debate, the remaining candidates seemed to be competing against Trump, and themselves of course, even in his absence. If it makes anyone feel any better, Trump finally got a tomato thrown at him at Tuesday’s rally in Iowa City. Although this courageous thrower of rotten fruit missed his target and was promptly arrested, we still have to commend his effort and encourage his continued training in preparation for next time!  

Some redesigns may be in store for Snapchat. Just when you started getting the hang of Frames, evidence of new live video chatting and voice calling features has been leaked, as well as the addition of new stickers for chatting. Though these test feature leaks are not a promise that Snapchat will offer a more streamlined live video chatting feature in the immediate future, it does look like they are heading in that direction of redesign.  

If you’re an active Facebook user, you’ve probably come across the relentless “Be like Bill” meme. This passive aggressive stick figure is a vigilante of social media etiquette, preaching to fellow Facebookers to please use discretion when posting pictures of every meal they eat and every selfie they take with their BFF. According to the creator of the meme, “Bill” is just a guy with common sense who tries not to be annoying. But, if you think about it, a bunch of stick figures telling you not to post too many pics of fancy cheesecake might be just as annoying as a bunch of those pictures of fancy cheesecake. Delicious, delicious strawberry covered fancy cheesecake (que Homer’s “donut face”).

At the Sundance Film Festival this week, Bradley Cooper look-alike Sean Cassity taught us all a lesson in seizing an opportunity when you see it. Blessed with an uncanny likeness to one of Hollywood’s heartthrobs, Cassity used his super doppelganger powers to get into exclusive parties and takes selfies with the common folk. That is, until it was discovered that the actual Bradley Cooper wasn’t even attending Sundance this year. Now if you excuse us, we’re off to find our own celebrity dopplegangers in preparation for the upcoming Oscars!