Yellowstone Vandals, Man Perms, Absorbing Plates and More In The Weekly Spread!

The dishware innovations keep on coming. First we saw the zero-waste edible spoons, available in a variety of flavors to suit your taste, and now may we present the plate that does your dieting for you. AbsorbPlate, a new invention from ad agency BBDO Bangkok (and the Thai health administration), will quite literally soak the extra calories out of your meal. Don’t be fooled by what looks like an ordinary dinner plate, this plate is modeled after the surface of a sponge and has 500 tiny holes that soak up about 30 calories of oil on average. Sorry paper towels, there’s a new blotting horse in this race!

Suspicions arose when an EgyptAir flight 804, carrying over 60 people from Paris, disappeared this week. Recent developments mark debris from the flight found in the Mediterranean Sea. Aviation authorities have come up with a definitive timeline for the disaster and are beginning to put together pieces from the found debris. Egypt has cited possible terrorism, but the cause of the crash still has yet to be resolved.

Netflix knows that to their viewers, internet speed is of the utmost importance. To benefit that cause, they’ve launched a new website that will show you how fast your internet will be on another website:! Before you say that this seems a bit redundant, Netflix describes their new site as "a simple-to-use way for consumers to estimate what speed their ISP is providing.” The site traces straight from Netflix servers to test your video download speed and give you the results you need. Honestly, this a long-time coming. I think we can all agree that nothing ruins a good binge-fest like stuttering buffering.

Finally some insider info on the upcoming iPhone 7. Rumors have included the removal of the headphone jack, waterproof design, and dual camera configurations. Although all we have to confirm these rumors is a leaked photo of the iPhone 7, there does seem to be supporting evidence of these rumors in what we can see of the device. The mystery lies in an extra hole between the camera hardware and the LED flash (stereo recording, laser autoflash, lightsabers perhaps?) and the continuing question of the headphone jack, as the bottom of the iPhone was not pictured in the leaked photos. The phone is slated to be announced in September this year. Looks like we’ll have to wait a couple more months before we can find out if this version can take champagne showers likes its competition.

Robin Wright, Claire Underwood in the hit Netflix series House of Cards, is taking a stand against the gender wage gap and demanding to be paid the same amount as her male co-star Kevin Spacey. After looking at statistics that showed her character to be more popular than her counterpart, and noting that Spacey had continued to be paid a considerable amount more per episode, Robin Wright voiced her demands and publicly highlighted the gender disparity that continues to run through the entertainment (among most) industries. However, you do have to wonder if the couple Oscars under Spacey’s belt contribute to the extra 0’s on his paycheck.

Fair warning if you dare to defile our National Parks, Yellowstone has filed criminal warrants against a group of young men that blatantly violated Yellowstone’s “don’t leave the trail” rules. The gang of bro’s were shooting video and stills to help promote their new line of tank tops (because bro’s). Even more startling news, these bro’s hail from America’s Hat (Canada). Even more defilement news, Vanessa Hudgens was ordered to pay a $1,000 fine for carving her and her boyfriend’s name into a heart in the Sedona area of Arizona. While carving initials into trees, stones, putt-putt markers is a time honored tradition of showcasing your everlasting love for each other, maybe don’t post it on instagram if you have millions of followers.  Life tip.

And lastly, move over man bun, there’s a new man look in man town. Kit Harington’s luscious locks as Jon Snow in Game of Thrones have inspired an increase in men getting perms (Editor’s comment, “Really… This, this is a thing now?!”). Perms have a history in men’s hair (I’m looking at you the 70’s). Perhaps we’re just seeing a rise in popularity and a rise in confidence as men “work” this hairstyle. Whether we can attribute it fully to the Jon Snow effect or not, the ‘man curl’ is in high demand. High-end stylists say of the perm: “It’s very of-the-moment”. Men, pro-tip, pair this with a nice pair of joggers or “meggings” to really set the look off.