Case Studies

You have fans that love you, and they want to share your brand with the world, they even want to get their friends to sing your praises! Everyone calls them something different: fans, advocates, brand ambassadors, friends, supporters, enthusiasts, followers, (don’t forget) employees! At SocialToaster, we think that those people are some of the best in the world to get your word out. Once we get your fans in a custom program designed just for your brand, you won’t just call them fans, you’ll call them Superfans.


Take a look at some of the exciting things that companies are doing with SocialToaster and be sure to get a demo to figure out how SocialToaster can work for you.


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SocialToaster makes it easy to get fans hyped for your movie’s release with exclusive content, prizes and contests. Fans share news, clips and sneak-peeks across their social networks and recruit new fans.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Sony had fans’ spidey-senses tingling before the world premier of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 by using SocialToaster to identify and communicate with both movie franchise fans and die-hard Amazing Spider-Man comic aficionados. Leading up to its release in theaters, Sony sent their fans exciting content  about the movie to get them hyped up about the new Amazing Spider-Man and sharing the excitement with their friends.


Over 22,000 fans in the SocialToaster program shared content and earned Amazing Spider-Man exclusives including downloadable wallpaper just for signing up! Spider-Fans spun their web across their social networks to earn points that entered them to win awesome Sony products including PlayStation consoles and signed movie memorabilia. To keep Spider-Fans engaged and motivated, they earned custom badges for sharing content and entered the #SpideySightings Instagram contest to win even more cool prizes.


As the movie transitioned from the theater to Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download, the SocialToaster campaign  kept Spider-Fans interested with prizes and incentives, and encouraged them to purchase the movie upon its release for home viewing.



Create a social rewards fan program that allows you to feature sponsors and offers. Keep fans feeling like they are in touch with your team and reward them for sharing your news.
  • Easily integrated sponsorship opportunities
  • Get ahead of the news cycle by having your fans share the news you generate
  • Reward fans with merchandise and sponsor offers

Detroit Pistons

The Detroit Pistons sought to create a social campaign that could incorporate one of their corporate sponsors.  Fans are able to sign up, share highlights and content from the Pistons, and win Hungry Howies prizes from their monthly sweepstakes.  

Non-Profit / Government
Mobilize your advocates and increase your donations. Your advocates love you! Make it easy for them to share your mission with their friends and followers.
  • Drive traffic to campaigns
  • Increase event sign ups
  • Multi-Lingual


To celebrate the baby boomer generation as “The Generation that Changed the World” AARP started the Boomers@50+ program. Members of the program share fun, nostalgic posts about the baby boomer generation as well as information to help familiarize themselves, their friends, and their followers with AARP. When they share, boomers earn points for gift cards, discounts and more.


With this campaign, AARP has been able to connect with people of retirement age and also those who aren’t yet in that stage of their lives by sharing posts that aren’t directly related to retirement but helps them to keep AARP in mind when the time is right.


El Paso

El Paso Tourism launched a program with SocialToaster in 2013. The launch of the El Paso Digital Ambassador program was part of a larger initiative to promote El Paso.   The Digital Ambassador program makes it easy for all El Pasoans to share positive messages about the El Paso community.  Over the years, the program has been able to provide ongoing word of mouth advertising for El Paso while keeping Ambassadors in the loop on community activities. 

Your alumni fan army awaits! Let us help you create a custom program to promote your giving day. Once it is created you have an evergreen program that can stay active throughout the year sharing news and be reactivated to promote your giving day the next year.
  • Promote giving days
  • Engage alumni on all social networks

University of Michigan

The University of Michigan was interested in utilizing the SocialToaster platform to connect its existing active alumni to share information about is upcoming giving day.  Previously they had managed the outreach manually and it was very time intensive and provided little insight into the activities of its alumni.  Michigan was so pleased with the results that they elected to continue the process throughout the year and have seen significant growth in their alumni making donations and sharing content about the university.  

Consumer Goods
Make it easy for you to nurture and grow your consumer base by having your best fans share your deals, brand information, tips and more with their friends and followers.
  • Feature products on Instagram challenges
  • Foster a sense of community around your brand
  • Get user feedback with user generated content and quizzes/polls/surveys
  • Crowd source voting and reviews
  • Users earn and share merchandise offers

Perdue Chicken

Perdue launched the Perdue Crew 3 years ago, and was seeking to recruit a more socially active consumer interested in sharing Perdue content, and interested in submitting user generated content like recipes, photos of their favorite Perdue meals and cooking tips.  

Starting with a social media audience (Facebook & Twitter) of just over 100,000 the Perdue Crew has grown to over 100,000 members that reach 60 million of their friends and followers. Perdue's program members are a diverse group, ranging from Millennial moms to Baby Boomers and everyone in between.  

IT Cosmetics

IT Cosmetics already had a passionate core of social followers but wanted to increase the number of consumers interacting with them on social media.  The campaign started with a contest allowing participants to win product and had 20,000 sign ups in one month. The program’s current members have a potential reach of 10 million people.  Fans share content about IT Cosmetics products, beauty tips, complete interactive quizzes and submit their own tips/ideas.  

Old Wisconsin

Old Wisconsin Sausage sought to increase their brand awareness on social media with the help of a SocialToaster program. Specifically, they hoped to target males and females between ages 18 and 35 to create a word of mouth team for their product. OWS has recruited their existing fan base from Facebook and Twitter to spread awareness about the brand and recruit ambassadors that are new to the OWS brand. 

Avocados From Mexico

Avocados from Mexico approached SocialToaster to run a 30 day pic challenge contest.  SocialToaster recruited and got consumers to post their favorite meals with avocados.  SocialToaster made it possible to go back to the same fans and have them promote different initiatives including; Macy’s Day float participation, Cinco de Mayo and “Big Game” commercial.   SocialToaster helped Avocados become the second most mentioned brand to the Super Bowl.  


BJ’s was interested in running a social holiday promotion featuring content from their existing holiday gift guides and lifestyle tips. Users were encouraged to share content and recruit their friends.  Participants earned prizes such as BJ’s Gift Cards.  

SocialToaster provides you with a turn-key tool to engage and activate your fans to grow your audience. Fans share your teasers, news and cross promote other shows with their friends and followers to recruit new fans.
  • Drive traffic to your digital properties
  • Fans trend hashtags while viewing
  • Incorporate sponsors and sponsor giveaways

Duck Dynasty

During seasons 4 and 5 of A&E’s hit show Duck Dynasty, the cable network put a call out to fans to join them in promoting the show and growing their viewership. . Thousands of fans flocked to be members of the “Duck Scouts.” Once in the program, fans received behind the scenes and exclusive content that they shared with their social networks through the SocialToaster platform.


The Duck Scouts were 44,000 strong and together shared over 1 million posts about the show and licensed products. These shares drove traffic to the A&E website and those of their advertisers. In return fans earned points and were entered to win Duck Dynasty merchandise including bobble-head figures of the show’s cast.



Music / Entertainment
With a SocialToaster digital street team, fans share the content they love and feel more connected to your music.
  • Drive traffic to spotify, iTunes and event information
  • Fans share live events to their social networks
  • Increase YouTube views
  • Geo-target messages for upcoming events


Electronic dance music artist, Hardwell wanted to mobilize fans to help promote his music, drive concert ticket sales and encourage voting for the annual DJ Mag top 100 DJs list. Team Hardwell members shared news and updates and earned points for their chance to win tickets, Hardwell merchandise and VIP experiences including a chance to hang out with Hardwell himself.


Over 23,000 team members took to their social media networks with the tags #VoteHardwell and #DJMag100, and voted Hardwell into the #1 spot of the DJ Mag top 100 two years in a row. To share their excitement for Hardwell’s new album release, over 3,000 team members tagged Instagram images with #UnitedWeAre and #TeamHardwell.


Broadway Boosters

Telecharge was looking to create a program to promote their Broadway shows, drive ticket sales, and appeal to a younger audience.  Telecharge began with one program, “The Broadway Boosters,” the program was a huge success and quickly expanded into individual programs for numerous Broadway shows. 

In addition to a superfan program for Broadway shows, Telecharge and SocialToaster created a lottery for tickets to available shows.  Currently, you can enter the “ticket lottery” and win the opportunity to purchase same-day discount tickets.  Telecharge has seen a spike in tickets sales since launching the lottery.  

SocialToaster is able to work with you to create a lottery that suits your needs for any same-day or advanced ticket sales.  


Def Jam

Def Jam created a program designed to organize and activate their fans on social.  The Def Jam Influencers makes it easy for fans to sign up and share the latest information about Def Jam’s current projects on all of their social networks. Def Jam is able to change their program every month in order to highlight new bands or initiatives with the click of a few buttons.  They can easily have a heavy user generated content component via Instagram and Twitter picture challenges one month, put out a survey the next, all the while getting users to consistently share content.