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SocialToaster FANACTIVE: Helping NFL, NBA & NHL Teams Use Social Media to Connect With Fans

Tue, 11/13/2012 - 8:00am -- SocialToaster

FANACTIVE helps pro sports teams harness social media to amplify their messages, reach and ticket sales

Baltimore, MD – November 13, 2012 – SocialToaster, the social marketing platform, announced today the launch of SocialToaster FANACTIVE. SocialToaster FANACTIVE helps professional sports teams harness social media to amplify their messages, exponentially increasing their online reach while driving website traffic, fan advocacy, and ticket sales. SocialToaster FANACTIVE works by using its patent-pending technology to harness the power of Super Fans, individuals who are passionate about their team and excited to engage in team related social interactions.  The typical SocialToaster professional sports team has 3,000 Super Fans who share content 72% of the time to a total average audience of 1.2 million people -   a far more effective and affordable way to connect to fans compared to traditional cost-per-click marketing. Already SocialToaster FANACTIVE is being deployed in NFL teams like the Baltimore Ravens and Indianapolis Colts, NBA teams like the Detroit Pistons, and NHL teams such as the Chicago Blackhawks and Buffalo Sabres.

“Our team has received a lot of positive feedback about using SocialToaster,” said Daniel Plumlee, Director of Interactive Media for The Indianapolis Colts. “Since incorporating SocialToaster into our program, we have seen a huge expansion of our message’s reach. One of the best reasons to use SocialToaster is when you have a message that is vital to get out.  For example when Coach Chuck Pagano was diagnosed with cancer, we wanted everyone to know right away.  We offered t-shirts with 100% of proceeds going to leukemia charity.  By using SocialToaster in conjunction with our Facebook page we saw our traffic increase five-fold.”

“I’ve been a Ravens Super Fan on SocialToaster since October 2010 when I won a signed pair of cleats,” said Baltimore Ravens Super Fan and Social Media Strategist AK Stout.  “I love being a Super Fan – it’s my way of showing my support for the team. It makes me feel like I’m more of a part of the Ravens community, and because of the exclusive content I get to share, my friends look to me as a source for team news. SocialToaster is the only program I have seen that focuses on spreading the story and the message. One of the challenges on social media is rising above the noise and clutter. To be successful on social media, a team must think outside the box and use creative new ways to reach fans. SocialToaster does exactly that and really helps their message stand out.”

“For us social media success is not only about sustaining our growth, but also growing our fan engagement,” said Mike Donnay, Senior Director, Brand Networks of Palace Sports & Entertainment and The Detroit Pistons. “Last season we had 40,000 followers on Twitter.  Now we have almost 100,000 followers with the number of engaged fans per post constantly increasing.  In fact, since we have started using SocialToaster we have seen a rise in ticket sales through social media and fan engagement. Super Fans are becoming the go-to person for our brand, and we make it possible for them to have exclusive content before anyone else.”

Other teams are enjoying similar success.  The Chicago Blackhawks signed up 2,000 new Super Fans within the first two weeks of their SocialToaster ambassador program. The Baltimore Ravens meanwhile, sign up 440 new Super Fans every time they announce a new Super Fan incentive package or prize.

“We currently have about 8,400 RavensReps on SocialToaster,” said Michelle Andres, Vice President of Digital Media at for the Baltimore Ravens.  “If an ambassador program would work anywhere, it would work with pro sports teams.  We love that SocialToaster FANACTIVE allows us to enlist the help of our fans to disseminate our content and extend our reach on social media. We can quickly and easily engage with fans, measure results, and turn engagement into action.”

“We’re seeing widespread adoption of SocialToaster by teams throughout professional sports who are joining the ‘movement’ to drive revenue through their social media and brand sponsorships,” said Brian Razzaque, chief executive officer of SocialToaster.  “SocialToaster replaces the cost-per-click model by enabling sports teams to control how often content is pushed out to their fans, as well as control the messaging.  The SocialToaster platform pushes messages across multiple platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter whereas traditional online ad buys are relegated to an individual channel or search engine.  That means we provide the viral lift at a fraction of the cost.”


SocialToaster, with corporate headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland, is a fan engagement and message amplification platform that provides a simple way to amplify the reach of messages on social networking sites by making content sharing fun and easy. SocialToaster mobilizes Super Fans of media and entertainment brands, sports teams, and other enterprise-level organizations to increase fan engagement, propel website traffic, strengthen brand loyalty, and drive revenues. As an alternative to traditional advertising, SocialToaster helps clients monetize the social channel by increasing the visibility of posts and maximizing their potential reach in a repeatable, measurable way.

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