Give Your Super Fans Super Powers! (Tights Optional)


What is SocialToaster?

SocialToaster is a hosted software platform that helps brands maximize their reach through the social networks. Our platform is designed to make it easy for organizations to identify and enlist their loyal supporter as Super Fans; vocal enthusiasts that are proud to share the brand’s regular content to their personal friend networks. SocialToaster allows your organization’s Super Fans to drive traffic to your web site by granting your organization permission to automatically post links to their profiles on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and LinkedIn. SocialToaster is the only solution of its kind to provide advanced real-time reporting and social analytics that featurers full end-to-end tracking from initial link promotion through to lead-capture and revenue generation.

What is a SocialToaster Post?

A SocialToaster post is a single update or link published to a social networking site by your Super Fans.

What social networks are compatible with SocialToaster?

SocialToaster is currently compatible with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Instagram, Foursquare, and Tumblr.

What resources will I need to get started?

In the words of any economist, it depends. If you are looking for a fully branded experience you can have your art department or SocialToaster’s phenomenal creative team create a brand-centric experience for your fans. We have easy to follow templates that we provide your team to get you up in a snap. We are used to following brand guidelines or we can create something entirely new for you without a problem. Technically speaking, our platform easily integrates into your website and on a Facebook tab, we can also host it all for you.

How are permissions and privacy handled?

Super Fans NEVER have content posted to their social networks without being expressly notified. Even if they choose to auto-post content, they have the option to opt-out of each post before it is shared. Super fan information is not shared between our clients unless those clients have an existing agreement to share information.

What are some good things to post to my Super Fans on SocialToaster?

The same things that you want your regular fans to see! Use SocialToaster to promote blogs, press releases, videos, quick news items, etc.

How often should I promote content?

We recommend that you promote content anywhere from one to three times per week.

Who can serve as a Super Fan?

Employees, customers, fans, members, or anyone connected to your organization that has a social networking account can serve as a Super Fan. You decide which stakeholder group will best serve your organization in the Super Fan role. Once you solicit their participation, Super Fans can quickly and easily set up their SocialToaster account, choose their broadcast settings, begin sharing your message, and driving visitors to your site.

How does someone sign-up to become my Super Fan?

There are a few ways. People can sign up to become Super Fans through a direct recruitment process OR visitors to your web property can sign up through an App (on your Facebook page) or a widget (on your website). When users engage the App, or the widget, they are guided through a quick and easy Super Fan process.

Do you provide us the Super Fans?

No but we have a lot of great ideas to help you recruit! To start, we recommend recruiting internally. Ask company staff, partners, and employees to sign-up. Promoting the sign-up campaign through mailing lists and social media are also good starting points. Call-to-action videos and ads can also be effective. As long as you include a link to your A Super Fan Sign-Up page in whatever communications you publish, the possibilities are endless!

What is the Viral Recruiting link?

The viral recruiting link is a URL given to your super fans to help recruit additional members. Your Super Fans can recruit their friends to join your program by explicitly inviting them using their own personal recruiting link.

What do my Super Fans have to do?

Your Super Fans will complete their sign up and registration process in a few simple steps. Once they register their social network accounts are activated to broadcast your content. Super Fans receive an email to approve content each time you would like to broadcast something to their social network.

Can Super Fans alter a SocialToaster post before it is broadcast to their social networks?

No, you as the content creator have complete control over the message that is broadcast using SocialToaster. Unlike other solutions on the market, Super Fans cannot edit or comment on the message being shared on their social networks. This prevents dilution of your desired message and maintains brand consistency.

Can SocialToaster monitor or modify a Super Fan’s social networking accounts?

No. SocialToaster will not have access to Super Fans’ social networking accounts. The program cannot access any of their personal information such as account logins, passwords, photos, friend requests, etc. Aside from sharing information and tracking its distribution, SocialToaster will not be monitoring your Super Fans' social networking activity.

Can Super Fans choose which social networks to broadcast to?

Yes, when setting up their accounts, Super Fans will be prompted to choose the social networks to which SocialToaster will be able to broadcast. Currently SocialToaster supports broadcasting to Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, and Twitter. Super Fans can select to share content on any or all of these networks.

Do you offer SocialToaster demos?

Yes! Just contact us and we’ll be happy to give you a demo at your convenience.

Who develops and sells SocialToaster?

SocialToaster, LLC is a Baltimore-based software development firm that has successfully provided technology consulting to local, regional and national clients in virtually every sector of the economy including hospitals, universities, retailers, manufacturers, service businesses and non-profit associations. Its parent company, Vision Multimedia Technolgies, LLC is consistently ranked as one of the top technology firms for website content management systems, customer relationship management platforms, portal solutions, and social networking consulting. We are the proud developers of SocialToaster, our software solution for social marketing.

How is SocialToaster sold?

SocialToaster solutions are sold on a subscription basis. To view pricing or purchase online, click here. Contact a member of the SocialToaster sales team by filling in this form or calling us directly at 855.62.TOAST or 443.393.2600.

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