Meet Our Supers

Mister Social

Superpower: Bringing all the networks to the yard
Favorite Food: Anything he can share with friends!
Favorite Dance: The Conga Line
Why He’s important: He’s the leader. He collects pals from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Instagram, Foursquare, and Tumblr to create one voice across all of your networks. A typical Superfan has an average of 313 connections and they help Mister Social pack a powerful punch!

The Influencer
Superpower: Putting your brand on blast 
Favorite Sport: Sumo Wrestling 
Favorite Diving Board Move: Cannon Ball 
Why He’s Important: He’s a social media heavyweight and makes sure that your brand is known in the marketplace. SocialToaster clients get an average viral lift of 245% using their influencers.
Superpower: Super-human reach
Favorite Game: Twister 
Favorite Party Favor: Silly String
Why He’s Important: He may be small but stretches across social networks to engage your fans! With him on our team, an average post can reach 2,082,629 potential new fans! He’s kind of a big deal. Plus he can scratch that part of his back no one else can.
Visibility Girl
Superpower: Being visible where you least expect it 
Favorite Place: In the Spotlight
Favorite Role: Leading Lady
Why She’s Important: She helps you project your brand to the right audience and has the ability to show up on networks that your company never had access to. She makes it easy for your Superfans to share content directly from their email and it gives them access to exclusive content!