2018 @Instagram: A Year In Review (White Paper)

Instagram: A Year In Review

2018 was a huge year for Instagram. Between all the new features, algorithms, and benefits added to Instagram in 2018, the image-based social media platform is almost unrecognizable compared to its earlier days. To familiarize our fellow marketers with the “new” Instagram, we’ve put together this handy white paper that outlines the major (and minor) new, exciting, and reworked Instagram features that can help you stay connected, increase your brand awareness, and, most importantly, have some fun!


How To Use This White Paper To Improve Your Marketing

Becoming familiar with the litany of new Instagram features and benefits is great and all, but to get the most out of this white paper you need to apply and incorporate these new features into your existing marketing strategy. After all, a tool is only useful when it’s in use.

Here are three ways to use the information conveyed in our new white paper to improve your Instagram marketing tactics.

Tactic 1: Sell More Products

Between the addition of shoppable posts, linked product catalogs, and Instagram stories that include the new click-to-web feature, it’s never been easier to actively sell products through the social media network. E-commerce stores should ensure they incorporate more shopping-centric content into their Instagram publishing strategy.

In addition to selling physical products, brands can use these features to drive event ticket sales, promote sampling, and even in-store retail. Get creative with how you utilize these features to drive engagement and help build audience awareness of your product line.

Tactic 2: Drive Deeper Audience Engagement

Many of the new features added to Instagram over the past year allow brands to engage and interact with their fans in more meaningful ways. The questions and poll feature for Instagram Stories allows your fans to provide real-time responses to your Story posts. Instagram TV gives your brand a platform to share longer videos to your audience.

Instagram is evolving into a more sophisticated engagement platform. No longer are your fans relegaged to simply liking or commenting on a post; use these new features to your benefit to build a stronger emotional connection with your followers.

Tactic 3: Get Discovered and Grow Your Audience

On top of connecting with your followers, many of these new platform features have the added benefit of increasing your profile’s visibility with new-to-you users. Brands can now verify their account with Instagram as well as include hashtags and tagged accounts in their profile bio.

The new “Explore” feature allows brands to tag their content to corresponding topics. Instagram users actively seeking to see new content use these topics to find new, exciting content and (more importantly) new brands to follow on Instagram.


Download “2018 @Instagram: A Year in Review”

These are just a few ways advertisers can use the newly added Instagram features to boost Instagram performance and ROI.

To learn more about these exciting new features, download our newest white paper using the link below.


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