3 Ways to Use Snapchat in Marketing, Plus Other Brands That Are Doing It Right


Snapchat is more than just a way to show off your digital flower crown for 10 seconds at a time. It’s transformed into a marketing tool that should not be ignored, especially if your brand or client is trying to appeal to the Gen-Z and millennial audience. Snapchat (along with Instagram) is a great way to dabble into video if you’re not ready to take the plunge yet, and it’s probably one of the best ways to position your company or client as relatable, authentic, and fresh. Once you’ve created your branded account, it’s time to start snapping! We’ve got three ways for you and your brands to use Snapchat in marketing.

Celebrate Success…with Geofilters

Yes, filters are used outside of the Instagram world. There are Community Geofilters, which include cities and locations, and On-Demand Geofilters, which include branded logos and messaging. On-demand geofilters are rapidly becoming a new marketing trend to promote brand awareness and target a specific audience. One of our luxury pool float clients created a geofilter for a pool party in Los Angeles. The geofilter was available to anyone within a one block radius of the party and it was successful because it was a fun and creative way to target our client’s core audience and promote the brand. Also, one of our non-profit clients wants to target the youths of Baltimore so they have set up a geofilter for their upcoming sleep-out event that is helping to raise awareness and money for the local homeless population. By tapping into the younger audience’s love of technology and need to make a difference in the world, they’re promoting their event and creating awareness for a cause.

“They” Don’t Want Your Fans to Have Access

Geofilters are the new sort of “billboard” but you want to be where your audience is. Snapchat allows you to give your fans real-time access to live events and also behind the scenes content to those events. A brand can show the crazy happenings from behind the scenes while showing glimpses of the live event. Build up the anticipation and tease your followers when it comes to events, product previews, and more. Keep them coming back by providing them with private and exclusive content and, at the same time, showing them that you are raw, transparent and authentic.

We Takin’ Over, One Snap at a Time

Influencer marketing has made its way over to Snapchat with “Snapchat Takeovers.” There are two major advantages to Snapchat Takeovers:

  1. You’re developing partnerships

  2. You’re increasing the size of your audience

Having an actual human being snap on behalf of your brand or company resonates with the audience and always humanizes you. ProTip: Always keep your audience in mind and know that not every influencer will be the right influencer for your audience and brand.

Major Key…Takeaways

  • First things first be the realest. Show your brand’s personality and have fun while doing it. Snapchat is a place for weird filters and quick yet engaging stories. Don’t try too hard or try to be something that your brand is not. Being authentic and transparent is enough.
  • Limit(less). Gen-Z and millennials have a short attention span when it comes to media and messaging. Don’t think of it as a “time limit;” think of it as an opportunity to create teasers and previews that build up to some major announcement. Keep people guessing and intrigued.
  • Experiences > products. Snapchat is less about products more and about experiences (it is called a story after all). Showcase the lifestyle your brand emulates; that’s where the fun and engagement lies. For example, if you’re a car company, sure you should show the car but also show road trips, driving lessons or other life moments.
  • If you didn’t Snapchat it, it did not actually happen.

Brands to Follow

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