6 Ways to Drive Millennial + GenZ E-commerce Sales this 2021 Holiday Season

It’s almost the most wonderful time of year! Well, almost. Holiday 2021 is right around the corner, and this year e-commerce is expected to be bigger than ever. Just how big, you ask? By July of 2021, e-commerce sales were up 24% from 2020, and by the end of 2021, e-commerce sales will sit at around $933.30 billion

Millennials and GenZ may differ in many ways, but the way they prefer to shop is simply two sides of the same coin. 55% of Millennials stated that convenience was their top benefit of online shopping and 51% of GenZ said that price comparison is their favorite benefit. Don’t let their difference divide your sales this holiday. Here are six ways you can drive e-commerce sales this holiday season. 

6 Tips for Driving Millennial and GenZ Holiday E-commerce Sales

1) Incorporate User-Generated Content 

We’re sure that you’ve heard everyone preach about UGC and how great it can be. Well, there’s a reason why brands consider it gospel! User-generated content is 20% more influential than any other kind of media, according to Millennials. But what about their younger siblings, GenZ? 84% of GenZ trust a brand more when they incorporate UGC into their marketing strategy. 

Whether it’s re-sharing stories, reposting content onto the grid, or working with influencers to have them create fresh new content for you, content created by real people is your #1 driving force for sales this holiday season. If you’re new to using UGC, don’t sweat it. We’ve created a simple guide on how to find, collect, and utilize UGC in your marketing strategy. You can learn more about our awesome guide here.

Pro-Tip: Double down on your UGC efforts by tapping your brand advocates to share your user-generated content onto their personal social networks with a SocialToaster program. Learn more here. 

2) Stand for Something 

2020 was a year that highlighted the importance of standing for the greater good. Whether that be inclusivity, environmentalism, health, or anything related to service workers, brands were asked to draw and show their line in the sand. This holiday season, you’ll need to show your Millennial and GenZ consumers that you stand for something. 41% of GenZ agree that they’d be willing to pay more for an item if they knew that the item was sustainable. 

At the same time, 73.9% of Millennials believe that it’s important for brands to show that they are diverse, inclusive, and pro-equality. It might seem scary to get “political,” and we’re not suggesting you shift your focus solely to political topics either. We’re simply suggesting that you let your Millennial and GenZ consumers know where you stand on hot topics. The best way to know which side to stand on is to move your brand forward with compassion. 

 3) Prepare All of Your Channels 

Product discovery this year will happen on all channels for both Millennials and GenZ. Between Instagram’s updated shop tab, TikTok’s unique advertising angle, and Pinterest shopping online has never been easier as a consumer. For retailers? A bit more tricky. 

Each platform requires content tailored specifically to the platform’s user audience. Additionally, each channel’s specs for content are different. Your customer base may not be on every platform as they may prefer one or the other. However, it is important that you prepare the channels your audience currently uses as soon as possible. Discovery will not just be happening on all channels but will be happening earlier this year than in previous years. Customers are hopeful at the thought of spending the holidays together and are ready to spread the joy of gift-giving. 

 4) Make Payment Easy and Stress-Free

Payment processing is a crucial step of the customer journey. Think about when you shop online. Are you more inclined to bounce off a site that has a suspicious-looking payment processor? Or maybe if PayPal or ApplePay or another alternative payment method isn’t offered, you bounce. 

You’re not alone in that. 19% of customers are likely to bounce off a site if there is distrust of the site with credit card information. Another 37% of customers will bounce if account creation is required to checkout. Here are a few ways you can make payment easy and stress-free: 

  1. Allow for guest checkout. This option allows users to checkout as a guest, so they aren’t required to create an account or submit additional personal information beyond what is needed for the payment.
  2. Offer additional payment options. Accepting all major credit cards is the bare minimum for payment options. PayPal, GooglePay, ApplePay, Venmo, etc., are all additional options you should have. You can also offer other options like AfterPay.
  3. Secure your website. Updating your security settings to protect the sensitive information customer are providing is essential prep for the holiday shopping season. 

5) Team Up with Influencers 

We already mentioned just how influential UGC could be. But depending on your customers to create all of your content with little to no direction could be a recipe for disaster. Teaming up with influencers isn’t just some buzz phrase with no power or action behind it. 

In fact, influencer marketing is expected to reach $13.8 billion dollars by the end of year in 2021. Influencer marketing is a great way to get your brand in front of new audiences and have a bit more control over the content created. 

What makes influencer marketing big business? Trust! 

Both Millennials and GenZ view influencers almost like a friend. A hot, cool, finger on the pulse friend. But influencers aren’t just for the “pretty platforms” like Instagram and TikTok. Nearly 40% of people have made a purchase from an influencer via Twitter. Determine which platform is most used and respected by your current consumer base and start there. You can branch out to other platforms when you better know where your consumers are spending their time. 

6) Create a Gift Guide 

With so many options out there for gifts this year, you don’t want to leave it up to your consumers to make all the decisions. Help guide their shopping habits this year by creating gift guides with this year’s hottest items. But gone are the days of “Gifts for Him” or “Gifts for Her” lists. The modern gift guide is all about personalization and niches. “Gifts for the Gamer” or “Gifts for the Aspiring YouTuber” are more likely to catch eyes and draw attention, thus making more sales. You can deliver the gift guide in a few different ways. These are our favorite:

  1. Instagram highlights. The Instagram highlight feature allows you to permanently share stories onto your page like shopping or styling guides in the highlight section. You can keep the gift guide up year-round or update it annually to reflect the year’s current trends. 
  2. Shoppable posts. Instagram and Pinterest now have shoppable posts. Which means users don’t have to leave the app to buy. Creating a single static post with this year’s best gifts is a great idea for the ultimate peruser. 
  3. Instagram guides. Instagram’s guide feature allows you to guide users to their ultimate dream gift. Roundup your brand’s top gift ideas based on your audience’s needs so that you can share it with them! 

Have a Happier Holiday in 2021 with Social Toaster 

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