Advocacy Hack: Get The Most Out of SocialToaster’s Quiz and Survey Feature

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On the SocialToaster blog, we talk a lot about our built-in quiz and survey functionality. For good reason too. Not only does this feature help set us apart from competitors, but it also provides tremendous value to our clients that use the platform as their advocacy marketing tool of choice.

To help you get the most out of this exciting feature, we’ve put together a brief overview of best practices for incorporating quizzes and surveys into your SocialToaster strategy.

Use Cases for Quiz and Surveys

So, why even use quizzes and surveys anyway? Isn’t the whole point of an advocacy marketing program to amplify the blog posts or marketing videos your content team creates? What does a quiz have to do with that?

Sure amplification is important, but only using SocialToaster to amplify your blog posts is like buying a new record player and using it to play every record except the greatest album of all time – 1987’s Grammy Award Winning Album of the Year, George Michael’s Faith.

If you’re going to invest in a tool, you owe it to yourself to get the greatest value, use, and ROI out of it.

Here are a few of our favorite use cases for SocialToaster’s quiz and survey functionality:

And that’s just the start!

How to Build Quizzes and Surveys in SocialToaster

Alright, we’ve talked about why you should use quizzes and surveys, but how do you actually go about building a quiz or survey inside SocialToaster?

Well, it just so happens that we’ve created a short video to help guide you through the process.

How To Create Surveys and Quizzes Tutorial Video

As you can see, we’ve designed the quiz and survey feature to easily guide you through the creation process. The wizard allows you to create multiple options for questions (whether it’s a multiple-choice or free text space, etc.). You can even have your advocates submit a Spotify entry as one of their responses.

In addition to creating questions, you can upload and associate images with the survey to make it more engaging for your advocates.

You can also decide whether a survey or quiz is private or shareable. The private option is a great way to collect information about your advocates to update user records or learn where and how to reach them.

By making a quiz public, your advocates can share their survey or quiz results with their social audience. For example, if you create a quiz that allows your advocates to determine what type of bread they are based on how they answer questions (croissant for the win), they can then share the results with their Facebook audience to help push their friends and family to sign up for your program and take the quiz themselves.

The Different Types of Quizzes and Surveys

Currently, the SocialToaster quiz and survey feature supports four distinct types of content. Each type has a different way of soliciting responses, showing outcomes, and displaying results.

The four types of SocialToaster quizzes or surveys are:

  1. Traditional Survey – Gather information from your advocates.
  2. Testing Knowledge – Creation of a fun quiz to test your advocate’s knowledge.
  3. What Kind Are You? – The way your advocates answer certain questions provides them with a single result (think, “What kind of bread am I?” or “What Golden Girl Would I Be?”)
  4. Polls – Poll your advocates on an issue or question.

Best Practices for Quizzes and Surveys

To get the most out of the quizzes and surveys you create, be sure to keep these best practices in mind.

A) The Simpler the Quiz/Survey, the More Responses You’ll Get

Long surveys rarely get responded to. If you’re conducting a deep demographic census of your advocacy base, you may be tempted to ask every question you’ve ever wanted to ask in one looong survey. Don’t do this.

Instead, consider breaking long surveys up into separate smaller surveys. Shorter, simpler surveys are less overwhelming for your advocates – meaning they’re more likely to complete them when compared to longer, more involved questionnaires.

B) Keep Your Question Language Clear and Concise

Do you know what else advocate’s hate to see when taking a survey or quiz? Confusing questions! If an advocate is confused by what a question is asking, they’re more likely to abandon the quiz or survey. Take time to go through each of your questions and ensure that what you’re asking is crystal clear.

On this same topic, keep your jargon and corporate talk to a minimum. Just because you’re used to a certain piece of industry slang doesn’t mean your advocates are. Remember, you need to be sure you write to the comfort level of your advocates.

C) Make it Fun

If you keep slogging long, boring surveys to your advocates, you’re going to quickly turn them off from engaging any further with you. Be sure to interject some fun into your quizzes and surveys. The category “Quiz (What Kind Are You?)” is an easy way to have fun with your advocates.

Pro Tip – Quizzes can be fun while also supporting your brand identity. When creating a quiz, look for ways to reinforce your brand story or value while also providing entertainment.  

D) Drive Participation Through Incentives

Jumpstart how often your advocates interact with your quizzes and surveys by incentivizing their participation. After all, your advocates are already sharing your content onto their personal newsfeed, so getting them to also complete surveys and interact with quizzes can be a little much for some advocates. Incentives can help provide that extra bit of motivation.

Have Questions?

Are you a current SocialToaster client that wants to learn more about how to build surveys or quizzes for your advocates? Or maybe you’re not a current client, but you’re curious about this whole advocacy marketing thing. Either way, we’re here to help answer any questions you may have. You can reach us at 443.393.2600 or email us here.

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