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A July 7th article on OPENForum.com, a community of business owners that offers tools to connect and collaborate, poses an all-important question for companies looking to social marketing to bring in top tier leads.  “Is Social Media Failing to Produce Business Leads?” explores an assertion of Andrew Heyward as published in an issue of the Harvard Business Review: “‘every company is a media company'” and marketing is shifting to an environment in which advertisers need to produce compelling content in order to ensure their success because social media outlets are focusing customers more on engaging content than they are creating business leads.

Data from online marketing automation service provider, LeadForce1, which studied website visitor data for companies using social media as a marketing tool concluded that visitors who arrived  at corporate websites via Twitter and Facebook were more likely to read a blog than purchase a product for sale or complete a “contact us” form.  The conclusion from LeadForce1 was that Facebook and Twitter can be used as channels to engage with existing customers, media, and stakeholders, or for prospecting, but not for generating leads because: the vast majority of businesses are still not measuring the ROI (return on investment) of their social media efforts.

Unfortunately the businesses surveyed in the LeadForce1 study had not yet experienced the power of the SocialToaster platform.  You can use SocialToaster to engage your customers with compelling blogosphere content and measure the ROI of your social media efforts.  Not only will SocialToaster broadcast your message widely over all social media networks, and control your message, but it will also track the marketing process from click to lead capture to sale.  We mean no disrespect to OPENForum.com, but you can’t believe everything you read! Contact us at 855.62.TOAST, send us an email, or request a free demo to find out first hand just how uniquely equipped SocialToaster is to help you evaluate and improve upon your social marketing efforts!