Client Spotlight: Alliance for Climate Education (ACE)

Alliance for Climate Education

Over 95% of scientists agree that climate change is happening. To connect and engage with the younger audience, the Alliance for Climate Education enlisted the help of SocialToaster to tap into two favorite topics of “kids these days:” their love of technology and their need to make an impact on the world.

To spread awareness that climate change exists and is a problem, ACE hosts live, in-school assemblies and empowers youths to take action, since it’s these generations who will ultimately be the most impacted by climate change. One major hurdle that ACE hoped to tackle (and that all brands are facing) is this: how do you engage Gen-Z and millennials?

3,001 New Messages

The younger generation was practically born with a phone in their hand and they rarely look up from it. DYK that on average, they receive over 3,000 text messages…a month?!?! Never has a generation had the opportunity to be more distracted. ACE took this knowledge and used it to their advantage.

ACE focused on communicating on as much of a personal level with these youths as they possibly could using scalable technology. So they did as the kids do and personally texted each user who provided their contact information after joining the program. For example, the texts would say, “Hi! Melinda from ACE here. Did you know avocados are in danger? Join our Get Loud Challenge…”

Using text messaging services put ACE and their Get Loud Challenge right in front of their audience.  They utilized these messages to drive reminders of upcoming program events, encourage participation in the ACE SocialToaster program and drive conversations and actions!

These personal texts also made the audience feel as though they were a part of the coalition against climate change. ACE was speaking to them as individuals through a medium that this generation finds the most comfort with (just try getting a 15 year old to talk on the phone!).

Global Swarming

This generation is very conscious and involved in global, social and environmental issues. They did grow up during the Great Recession, after all. ACE knew that today’s youths not only have unique power and influence in their communities, schools, and households, but they are the generation that will be most affected by climate change. However, spreading awareness is one thing; actually getting them to sign up is anotfher.

ACE researched their target audience’s needs, wants, values, etc. They realized that youths value experiences over material things and with the rising cost of college and the increase attention on student loan debt, they want affordable education. So among the prizes of the Get Loud Challenge were a trip to Peru for a climate excursion and scholarships. ACE really got to know their core audience and because of that, users literally got loud about climate change and shouted, “Challenge accepted!”

They talked to everyone from family members and friends to teachers and government leaders about what people are doing that’s impacting the environment.

Key Takeaways

  • Work those thumbs and don’t be afraid to text. Phones have become a vital organ for the younger generation. To make sure your message gets in front of them, text them. How do you think their parents get ahold of them?
  • Care about the causes that they care about. Youths are deeply invested in world issues, so to gain their trust, you must show that you care about those same issues and doing something about them.
  • Authenticity and transparency matter. This generation can see right through your #NoFilter, so stay true to messaging, goals and missions.
  • Youths are knowledgeable, ambitious and proactive. They are growing up with the internet and social media so they know more than you think – don’t underestimate them, their power, or most of all their influence.

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