Drive Influencer Recruitment By Capitalizing On The Holidays You Don’t Get Off Work

Drive Influencer Recruitment

When it comes to your Superfan base, the more the merrier, and any holiday provides the perfect reason to keep reminding your fans to bring more friends to the party! Whether you have the day off or not, all holidays, from Arbor Day and Halloween, to St. Patrick’s Day and the local Harvest Festival, promote community, togetherness, and bonding (you know, sort of like your SocialToaster program). Continuing to develop and grow your Superfan base is important to the success of not only the campaign, but also your brand, so we’ve put together three ways to drive influencer recruitment on holidays you don’t get off work.

How To Drive Influencer Recruitment Over The Holidays

Deck It Out: Holiday Themed Prizing

Festive decorations really get people into the spirit so think of your creative assets and content as your festive decor. And while some holidays are centered around gift-giving, most of them aren’t – so be unique and give one! Help drive recruitment by making your prize (basically a holiday gift to your Superfans) relevant to the holiday that you’re focused on. For example, give away gardening tools or baby trees for Arbor Day to promote “going green.”

Just remember that yes, your prize should reflect the holiday that the contest is themed around and yes, there is a lot of room for creativity and fun but remember to stay true to your messaging, goals, and mission.

The Right Re-Gifting

Why not encourage the satisfaction of both winning and giving? Give your Superfans a case of the warm-and-fuzzies and let them gift the prizes they win to someone else in honor of the spirit of the holidays!

Let’s say someone knows that their best friend really digs what your brand does. Gifting their sign-up prize encourages them to join the campaign in hopes of getting their friend the perfect gift – and you may just earn another Superfan out of it!

Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to prizing is that is doesn’t always have to be material things; experiences are great for not just the winner… but also five of their closest friends!

Volunteer As Tribute

Get your fans in the spirit of giving back while also driving recruitment to your SocialToaster program  by providing a donation to a charity that aligns your brand with a cause your Superfans believe in when they share your holiday-themed content.

Keeping with our Arbor Day theme (that holiday really is underrated though), your recruitment challenge could be, “For every new recruit in our program during the month of April, our company will donate one tree to Karen’s Tree Charity (not a real charity)!” As the trees grow, you track their progress to keep fans who participated, engaged, and connected in the program.

The cuteness and feels will be unbe-leaf-able!

Bonus Tips

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