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Let’s take it back to Digital Marketing 101 for a second. As we all know, there are several different types of traffic channels for your site: paid, earned, social, organic, etc.  For a refresher, just check out the Acquisition tab in your Google Analytics account. Too many times we see our clients segment their SocialToaster campaign (as well as their other paid advertising efforts), keeping ST as its own channel cloistered away from other marketing initiatives. Not only does this approach weaken a client’s SocialToaster program, it also handicaps their other marketing efforts.

At SocialToaster, we  advocate that marketing strategies are best supported when integrated. To silo off one media from the other is like trying to sit straight on a three legged chair. You can balance on it all you want, but pretty soon you’re going to fall on your ass.

So what are some ways your SocialToaster campaign can support your paid efforts and vice-versa?

3 Ways You Can Integrate SocialToaster Into Your Paid Advertising Efforts

1. Use Paid Media to Support Recruitment into Your SocialToaster Program

Organic and Social recruitment are fantastic ways to build an initial SocialToaster program audience. But how do you get your program in front of individuals that might not be familiar with your brand? The answer: paid media. Don’t be afraid to run a few paid media campaigns to support your recruitment efforts. After all, the more people in your SocialToaster program, the more powerful the network created and the greater your ROI.

For most paid recruitment efforts, we recommend utilizing the Facebook advertising platform. Facebook offers a ton of targeting choices and is a natural fit for the social nature of your SocialToaster program. We recommend that you begin by targeting individuals that already like and engage with your brand. Once you feel you’ve tapped out on this audience, take it a step further by targeting “Friends of Fans” of your page to drive further engagement – be sure to use interest targeting to better refine this audience even further.

Need even more convincing to run recruitment ads? Keep in mind that that any recruitment ads you run are going to be branded as your brand. This means that your recruitment ads can also support your paid advertising goals in terms of driving branded impressions, frequency and share of voice. Two birds, one stone.

2. Use SocialToaster Data to Create Custom and Look-a-Like Audiences

More and more digital platforms are allowing brands to create custom audiences. This is a fantastic opportunity for brands with a SocialToaster program. You program fans are individuals that like your brand and your message enough to actually share it on their social networks. Not to sound obvious, but this is a pretty clear sign that these same individuals are more likely to also purchase your brand’s products on a regular basis. To start advertising to these individuals, export a list of your users from SocialToaster and import that list into your paid advertising platform of choice. Presto, you’ve just created an audience of curated individuals ready to buy!

Kick it up even further and use your SocialToaster custom audience(s) to create look-a-like audiences. Facebook makes this practice simple by searching its user base to find individuals that share similar characteristics with individuals on your master list. Look-a-like audiences are a great place to start in supporting recruitment campaigns (to drive additional members into your Socialtoaster program) and in support of any direct response campaigns.

3. Use SocialToaster to Support Remarketing Efforts

While custom audiences are a great avenue for utilizing your individual fans, don’t forget you can also tap into the SocialToaster page itself to support your paid media campaigns. Remarketing campaigns are a proven tool for driving sales and improving your paid media ROI. Your SocialToaster program can help support your remarketing efforts. All it takes is a bit of code placed on your website and on your SocialToaster program signup page and your remarketing campaign has the ability to tap into this audience.

As you can see, there are a myriad of ways that SocialToaster can  lift and support your digital paid advertising campaigns.

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