From Short and Sweeps to (For)evergreen: Transitioning to a Permanent Advocacy Marketing Program

permanent advocacy marketing program

So your SocialToaster short-term contest or sweepstake has run its course. Now what? As a great marketer once said (or at least we think so) “Don’t be sad that it’s over, be happy because it’s not stopping!” Your contest might be over, but that doesn’t mean your SocialToaster advocacy marketing program is “over”. It’s actually just the start. Everyone that joined during the contest is there, ready to be utilized as your promotional army for as long as you want! It’s time to put heads together, redefine campaign goals, and begin transitioning to a permanent advocacy marketing program (also known as an “evergreen program”).

Transitioning to a Permanent Advocacy Marketing Program

“How do I make this happen?” you ask with edge-of-your-seat excitement?!

First Things First – Start With a Thank You

Mind your manners and always say thank you! To wrap up your contest or sweepstakes, you should dedicate an email to your ambassadors. Let them know that the sweeps is over, and thank them for participating. Acknowledge their time and effort in making your campaign successful. Also, use this opportunity to tell them that they can turn that frown upside down because there is more to come!

Whether you asked your fans to share content about a product, an event, or a cause, let your fans know that more cool content and prizes are coming or announce your new prizes if you have them picked out already. Giving your fans a heads up that the program is not “kaput” will keep them coming back for more and keep them more engaged when transitioning to a permanent advocacy marketing program.

A Brand New You Brand

When it comes to a new brand image or reinvention, a “facelift” is a must; just ask any celebrity. With creative assets, it’s out with the old and in with the new, so dates and references to old events need to be removed. Rebrand your creative and campaign so the focus is off of your previous sweepstakes and on your brand itself.

Assign your users a fun, easy collective name that has your brand’s name in it. Because you know it’s all about the brand, ‘bout the brand, no sweepstakes! Then engage your fans by coming up with a simple, longer-lasting contest or challenge. We recommend a simple recruitment challenge. Remember KISS: Keep It Super Simple especially when transitioning to a permanent advocacy marketing program.

Keep On, Keepin’ On

Don’t stop believing recruiting! When it comes to your Superfan base, the more the merrier, so keep reminding your users to recruit their friends. If your marketing budget permits, open up your recruitment channels to wider audiences through paid social media advertising on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. You’ll be broadening your reach and getting your program in front of even more prospective Superfans. And if buying ads isn’t your forte, be sure to let us know! SocialToaster’s media buying team uses all sorts of advanced tricks and techniques to get your ads in front of people who want to sign up for your program.

Continuing to develop and grow your Superfan base is important to the success of not only your permanent advocacy marketing program, but also your brand.

Content Never Stops

The most important part: keep pushing out content. We encourage clients to consistently post at least once a week to keep fans engaged once a sweepstakes is over (at the bare minimum post at least 1-2 times per month). No down time between content posts means keeping the routine going! Continue to leverage your SocialToaster fan base within your permanent advocacy marketing program to increase the ROI of the initial sweeps.

Keep Things Going!

Interested in getting your sweepstakes, contest or permanent advocacy marketing program started? Drop us a line – call us at 855.62.TOAST, send us an email, or request a free demo today!

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