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ContentToaster Q&A – Ted Bever, CTO

We at SocialToaster recently unveiled it's newest tech software creation: the Artificial Intelligence-driven marketing content distribution bot ContentToaster. With ContentToaster currently in it's beta testing phase, we wanted to get a deeper look at the technology behind our latest game-changing advocacy marketing feature. So we cracked our GCal and put some time on Chief Technology Officer Ted Bever's schedule (which was surprisingly easy). Ted leads the product team at SocialToaster, and is responsible for product roadmaps and the strategic technology vision and planning. He also gets in the weeds and work on the SocialToaster platform as well.

Push Notifications Now Available!

SocialToaster has rolled out push notifications. Now ambassadors will receive your content immediately, directly to their device, no matter where they are or what they're doing. Learn more!

SMCAE 2019 – Alumni Engagement Conference Update

On September 26th (just 23 more days!) I'll be speaking at the 2019 Social Media Conference on Alumni Engagement (SMCAE). While it’s great to be able to speak at the conference and share my ideas, I'm really excited to be an attendee of the conference. It’s not often that you get to learn engagement techniques first-hand from industry professionals from across the nation.

The End of Organic Social Reach

The question isn’t will organic reach drop to 0% on Facebook; the question is when will the drop happen. Any brand relying on Facebook for sales and web traffic needs to put together a plan for the inevitable end of organic reach.