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SocialToaster Lite Pricing

Pricing for SocialToaster Lite is based simply on the number of users that you engage with your content. Simply upload a list of the contacts that you want to promote your content to and we’ll handle the rest. Best of all, you can get started with SocialToaster Lite with a FREE 30 DAY Trial! Get started today!



Number of Users

Number of Admins

Patented Streamlined Sharing

ContentToaster (Beta)

Online Support


$30 / month




$125 / Month




$250 / MONTH 



SocialToaster Lite includes all the basics that you need to start effectively engaging your biggest supporters around the content that you’re already creating and publishing online. Our AI-driven ContentToaster feature identifies new content that you’ve published to your website or social media channels. It then automatically promotes it to your existing supporters to get them to read and share it with their personal social networks.


Basic dashboard to manage your content and your users
ContentToaster AI monitors for new content and automatically promotes it
Your users receive targeted notifications to read and share the content they’re most likely to engage with

Want More Features?

SocialToaster Enterprise is the leading fan engagement platform.

Enterprise features include: a full-featured End-User engagement portal, program setup and personalized training, enterprise reporting, gamifications, sweepstakes and contests, photo and video challenges, support for integration with third-party platforms, and much more.

To learn more, please fill out the form below and we will contact you to schedule a SocialToaster Enterprise demo at your convenience.



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