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Get tips and tricks on leveraging advocacy and influencer marketing techniques for your business, using the SocialToaster platform more effectively, and ways to use the SocialToaster platform more effectively.

Team Building During The Coronavirus

With employees struggling to manage their lives, it's hard to imagine team-maintaining, never mind team-building during the coronavirus pandemic. Keep your team engaged via an employee engagement program.

What Is Employee Advocacy?

Employee advocates could be the boost your social media marketing needs to get your brand's message in front of new and interested audiences.

Employee Advocacy: Keeping Decentralized Teams Actively Engaged

Communications, Marketing, and other "creative" departments rely on Employee Advocacy Programs to distribute the vital and timely content they are producing instantly to their remote coworkers. This allows them to share it with clients, prospects, stakeholders, and other influential individuals and drive more reach, leads, and ultimately ROI.

Top Tips For Marketing To College Students

College and university enrollment is up 27% since 2001, and doesn’t show signs of slowing. If you're looking to tap into the spending power of the student demographic, here are our top tips on marketing to college students.

Increase Customer Loyalty with a Customer Engagement Program

Attracting and retaining customers in a discount-fueled marketplace can be tricky. Customers grow to expect a certain level of quality based on price. Meet and exceed customer expectations, and you will build customers for life who come to you for their needs first - regardless of your price point.

4 Toxic Social Media Strategies To Avoid In 2020

You can’t rely on the same social media content and marketing tips that worked five years ago. It’s time to evolve your social media plan.

If you want to see social media success, it’s time to move away from years-old "toxic" social media strategies and update your overall social view for 2020.

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