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5 Tips to Boost Social Media Sponsorship Opportunities

If you have ever wanted to partner with other businesses and corporations in a major way, then sponsorship may be the route to go.  By inviting sponsors to help with your latest promotions, you can create a mutually beneficial relationship where they help you in exchange for your willingness to introduce them to your audience. 
Why You Need Sponsors
Why would you consider adding sponsors to your strategy?  Sponsors can help you with the following.

5 Steps to Turn Fans and Followers into Revenue

This has become the big question, right? You’ve worked hard to build an audience on your social channels and now you want to know how you leverage that audience to generate revenue. It’s a real challenge for marketers as executives are demanding to understand the return on investment (ROI) from the social channel. Bazaarvoice reported that 74% of CMO’s predicted they would finally be able to tie social to hard ROI in 2011. Unfortunately, the reality is that many are still trying to figure out where social is impacting the bottom-line.

3 Ways to Increase Ticket Sales with Social Media

While your main goal on social media should be engagement with your audience, there are other great things you can accomplish.  One of those things is ticket sales.  Whether your business is selling tickets to a conference, concert, or championship, here are some ways you can boost those sales using social media.
1. Hold a contest to win free tickets.

3 Social Sharing Tips for Using Social Media to Get In Front of Bad Press

Most people think that social media for business means nothing but marketing.  But social media can play a crucial role in another area: reputation management.  While it’s not pleasant to think about, your business might find itself in the midst of bad press.  If you should ever find yourself in a defensive position, it is not the time to shy away social media.

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