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Get tips and tricks on leveraging advocacy and influencer marketing techniques for your business, using the SocialToaster platform more effectively, and ways to use the SocialToaster platform more effectively.

Creating Effective Status Updates for Marketing Yourself Online

You’re a savvy business professional building on years of sales success, and accustomed to driving results by pitching your business and its products to anyone who will listen.  Special offers, deals, and end of season sales are the phrases you use in all your advertising as you try to recruit new customers.  The question is, how do these business tactics translate to your ability to compete in the social media world and succeed in marketing yourself online?

Building Your Word of Mouth Ambassador Network

So you want to start a social marketing campaign using the supporters we talked about in our last blog, great! But where should you start? By recruiting your Ambassadors and encouraging their continued engagement. What follows are some helpful tips for building your word of mouth ambassador network, including recruiting Ambassadors and keeping them engaged once you've established a relationship with them.

Blogs Versus ROI? You Don’t Have to Decide When Creating Business Leads

A July 7th article on OPENForum.com, a community of business owners that offers tools to connect and collaborate, poses an all-important question for companies looking to social marketing to bring in top tier leads.  "Is Social Media Failing to Produce Business Leads?" explores an assertion of Andrew Heyward as published in an issue of the Harvard Business Review: "'every company is a media company'" and marketing is shifting to an environment in which advertisers need to produce compelling content in order to ensure their success because social media outlets are focusing customers more on engaging content than they are creating business leads.

Data from online marketing automation service provider, LeadForce1, which studied website visitor data for companies using social media as a marketing tool concluded that visitors who arrived  at corporate websites via Twitter and Facebook were more likely to read a blog than purchase a product for sale or complete a “contact us” form.  The conclusion from LeadForce1 was that Facebook and Twitter can be used as channels to engage with existing customers, media, and stakeholders, or for prospecting, but not for generating leads because: the vast majority of businesses are still not measuring the ROI (return on investment) of their social media efforts.

Unfortunately the businesses surveyed in the LeadForce1 study had not yet experienced the power of the SocialToaster platform.  You can use SocialToaster to engage your customers with compelling blogosphere content and measure the ROI of your social media efforts.  Not only will SocialToaster broadcast your message widely over all social media networks, and control your message, but it will also track the marketing process from click to lead capture to sale.  We mean no disrespect to OPENForum.com, but you can’t believe everything you read! Contact us at 855.62.TOAST, send us an email, or request a free demo to find out first hand just how uniquely equipped SocialToaster is to help you evaluate and improve upon your social marketing efforts!

All Fans Are Not Created Equal: Finding The Right Influnencer

Once you've produced great marketing content, how do you get as many people as possible to see it and then act on it, thereby driving results? On the surface it might seem that the answer would be to simply get as many fans and followers as possible, but that may not actually be the best approach. Consider finding the right influencer.

7 Ways to Increase Online Sales with Social Media

When it comes to social media, one of the big things is ROI, or how much money am I making through my use of social media.  If you’re using Google Analytics to measure the results of your online marketing campaigns, then you will be able to track the effectiveness of your efforts on social media.  The following are ways to help the bottom line by increasing online sales with social media, 
1. Allow Social Sharing of Product Pages

5 Ways to Mobilize Your Fans and Followers to Share Your Messages

If you want to increase your engagement with fans through social sharing, then you will want make sure that sharing your message is as easy as possible.  Here are five ways to mobilize your fans to share your message and increase your brand’s reach on the social sphere.
1. Make It Easy to Follow You
In order to share your messages, your fans must be following you to hear it.  Make it easy for your fans to follow you by employing the following.

5 Ways to Get Fans and Followers into your Customer Database

While increasing your fans and followers on social networks is a great goal to strive for, your next goal should be to get those fans and followers into your customer database.  This way, you will be able contact them outside of social networks and inside their email inbox.  It is important to prepare yourself in case the social network you spent so much time developing a following on, suddenly falls out of favor. Think about what has happened to MySpace.

5 Tips to Increase Fan Engagement through Social Sharing

One of the best ways to increase engagement with your brand amongst your fans and followers is through social sharing.  When you make it easy for others to find and share your content, it opens the door for more discussion about and engagement with your brand through the information you provide.  The following are ways you can make social sharing of your content easy so you grow your audience and increase engagement.

5 Tips to Boost Social Media Sponsorship Opportunities

If you have ever wanted to partner with other businesses and corporations in a major way, then sponsorship may be the route to go.  By inviting sponsors to help with your latest promotions, you can create a mutually beneficial relationship where they help you in exchange for your willingness to introduce them to your audience. 
Why You Need Sponsors
Why would you consider adding sponsors to your strategy?  Sponsors can help you with the following.

5 Steps to Turn Fans and Followers into Revenue

This has become the big question, right? You’ve worked hard to build an audience on your social channels and now you want to know how you leverage that audience to generate revenue. It’s a real challenge for marketers as executives are demanding to understand the return on investment (ROI) from the social channel. Bazaarvoice reported that 74% of CMO’s predicted they would finally be able to tie social to hard ROI in 2011. Unfortunately, the reality is that many are still trying to figure out where social is impacting the bottom-line.

3 Ways to Increase Ticket Sales with Social Media

While your main goal on social media should be engagement with your audience, there are other great things you can accomplish.  One of those things is ticket sales.  Whether your business is selling tickets to a conference, concert, or championship, here are some ways you can boost those sales using social media.
1. Hold a contest to win free tickets.

3 Social Sharing Tips for Using Social Media to Get In Front of Bad Press

Most people think that social media for business means nothing but marketing.  But social media can play a crucial role in another area: reputation management.  While it’s not pleasant to think about, your business might find itself in the midst of bad press.  If you should ever find yourself in a defensive position, it is not the time to shy away social media.

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