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Get tips and tricks on leveraging advocacy and influencer marketing techniques for your business, using the SocialToaster platform more effectively, and ways to use the SocialToaster platform more effectively.

Webinar: Everyday Alumni vs. Alumni Influencers

Are you using your school's Alumni Influencers to gain attention on social media?

Watch our influencer webinar and learn how to identify, embrace, and activate Alumni Influencers, or those people in your alumni network whose social media presence holds clout with their peers and who engage and share your school's content regularly.

Four Ways to Improve Social Media Engagement

In an age when businesses are utilizing social media as their primary (and sometimes only) tool for marketing, it can be disheartening to see a sudden drop in marketing effectiveness. Here are four ways to improve social media engagement.

5 Summertime Social Media Best Practices

We’re just days away from the Summer Solstice, which means it’s official: we’re hitting peak summer.

If you haven’t already made the seasonal switch to a summer-themed social media publishing strategy, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are our top five social media summertime best practices.

20 Wicked Cool Summer Contest Prize Ideas

If you can’t tell, we’ve been on a bit of a summer kick the past few weeks, sharing our favorite summertime contest ideas. Today, we’re pulling together our favorite contest prize ideas, guaranteed to activate your customer base and drive summer engagement and sales.

How To Amplify Your B2B Content With Employee Advocacy

Employee advocacy is a cost-effective and engaging way to amplify B2B content. it positions your content as a “must read” in the minds of your audience. If you don’t have an employee advocacy program yet, we’ll break down the steps your brand can take to launch one in a matter of weeks.

4 Hacks To Improve Your SocialToaster Email Open Rates

If you’re concerned about your SocialToaster program’s email open rate, or simply want to pick up a few tips on improving an already great rate, then keep reading. We’re breaking down 4 hacks for improving your SocialToaster program’s email open rate.

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