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Get tips and tricks on leveraging advocacy and influencer marketing techniques for your business, using the SocialToaster platform more effectively, and ways to use the SocialToaster platform more effectively.

4 Ways Your Small Business Can Leverage St. Patrick’s Day to Drive Retail Foot Traffic

Small and medium business (SMB) owners don’t need to rely on the luck of the Irish to keep your sales in the green this St. Patrick’s Day. If you’re looking for ways to increase your in-store foot traffic on the days leading up to and around St. Patrick’s Day, we’ve got you covered. Put that four-leaf clover down, we’ve laid out below our favorite tips and tactics for driving retail foot traffic into your store during this year’s St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

3 Ways to Organically Grow Your Advocacy Marketing Program

When it comes to your advocacy marketing program, the more the merrier! SocialToaster’s advocacy marketing programs produce exponentially higher ROI as more of your brand’s fans join the program. Whether you’re just starting your program or seeking to level-up an existing program, we’ve laid out three ways to organically grow your advocacy marketing program.

Our 2018 Holiday Sales Spending Breakdown

This past holiday season was truly one for the record books. From Black Friday to Super Saturday, consumer spending reached its highest point in six years. So, before we box up our decorations and finalize those resolutions, let’s take one last look back at consumer spending during the 2018 holiday season.

Municipalities: Drive Economic Development Using Advocacy Marketing

Think advocacy marketing programs are just for brands and corporations? Think again! Advocacy programs are used by cities, towns, chambers of commerce, state agencies, and other municipal organizations to drive national awareness for tourism and business growth. Learn how your locality can harness the power of advocacy marketing!

2018 in Reflection: The Biggest Social Media Marketing Trends of The Year

Earlier this year, we made some predictions for what we saw as the biggest potential social media marketing trends of 2018. It’s been a big year in marketing, with tons of changes and new advancements (hello visual search and voice assistance, we see you), so we are using this post as an opportunity to reflect on our predictions and see how they held up as the year draws to a close.

Four Ways To Drive Mother’s Day Revenue With User-Generated Content

Almost 86% of Americans plan to celebrate Mother’s Day this year, showering moms everywhere with gifts, brunches, and plenty of quality time. In fact, the average consumer spent about $180 on their mom in 2018. This spending represents a significant opportunity for brands to leverage Mother’s Day to grow sales and increase Q2 revenue. We've put together four ways your brand can leverage user-generated content to help drive Mother’s Day revenue.

3 Content Marketing Lessons You Can Learn From Large CPG Companies

For CPG companies, strong content marketing can be the difference between your products flying off store shelves or languishing in the discount aisle. If your brand is struggling with its content marketing, consider taking a lesson from the biggest names around. While we don’t recommend copying these tactics directly (it lacks authenticity), an homage to these tried-and-true content marketing campaigns might be just the ticket to boost your CPG sales.

Disengaged Employees: How To Grow Your Employee Engagement Program

51% of employees base are neither engaged nor disengaged. Utilize an Employee Advocacy Program to increase the level of employee engagement within your company and you could see increased productivity, lower employee turnover, and a host of additional tangible benefits. Employee Advocacy programs are an ideal starting point for turning unengaged employees into actively engaged employees.

2018 @Instagram: A Year In Review (White Paper)

2018 was a huge year for Instagram. Between all the new features, algorithms, and benefits added to Instagram in 2018, the image-based social media platform is almost unrecognizable compared to its earlier days. To familiarize our fellow marketers with the “new” Instagram, we’ve put together this handy white paper that outlines the major (and minor) new, exciting, and reworked Instagram features that can help you stay connected, increase your brand awareness, and, most importantly, have some fun!

Three Egg-cellent Ideas To Drive Easter Retail Sales

Easter spending reached a record-breaking $18.4 billion in 2017. With nearly 8 in 10 people celebrating Easter, this is one holiday retailers don’t want to ignore. Here are some of our favorite Easter marketing tips sure to help your store find its golden egg.

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