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What We Offer Agencies

Maximize Your Client Campaigns

Whether you’re a digital, social media or public relations agency, SocialToaster’s agency offering stands ready to help you serve your client’s needs. We have assisted agencies in serving major multinational brands and local businesses; amplifying the results of their campaigns in most industries, including consumer and employee advocacy campaigns. As an agency, you can deliver SocialToaster to your clients to increase revenue and differentiate yourself in the marketplace.


Ways to Make Revenue

White Labeled and Customizable Program
Your logo, your brand, your work. Make yourself indispensable in your client’s eyes by offering this service as an exclusive offering of your agency.
Increase Your Retainer
Add additional revenue by charging retainers, such as campaign licensing and use fees, to manage the SocialToaster program. You won’t have to dedicate tons of time either; just 15 to 30 minutes a week. Your recurring client revenue streams will last far beyond a single project or campaign.
Take Advantage Of Our Managed Services
Our team stands ready to act as an extension of yours to help complete the day-to-day tasks associated with a SocialToaster program. We can manage the entire process on your behalf and assist with recruitment, gamification and content strategies.
Enhance Overall Campaign Performance
If you’re measuring the success of a campaign by CPC, CPM or traffic generated, be sure to activate your Superfans to carry your message to their extended network, thus lowering your blended CPC, CPM and site visit costs.

Ways to Utilize SocialToaster

Social Media Loyalty Program
Expand your relationships and insights with your best fans by creating an ongoing loyalty program that allows your ambassadors to share content and participate in interactive challenges to earn rewards.
Emphasize New Product Launches And Promotions
Build momentum and anticipation leading up to product launches and major campaign initiatives, such as Black Friday, Back to School or the Big Game, by giving Superfans access to premium content and offers.
Get Your Own Employee Advocacy Program
SocialToaster can be used internally to encourage employee sharing and to determine which team members are providing the best experience.
Run Social Media Sweepstakes
Gamification can help keep your clients’ Superfans vocal and interested while growing the brand. Sweepstakes kickstart audience engagement, recruit new fan advocates, open lines of communication with followers and build that all-important client email list.

SocialToaster In Action

Avocados From Mexico
Super Social Big Game

For the 2016 Big Game, one of our partner agencies utilized their CPG client’s SocialToaster fanbase to make a huge impact on social media leading up to and during their promotion for the big game. Specifically, they leveraged fans to share the ad and its accompanying hashtags across their social programs. While we can’t share the exact numbers, we can tell you that this combined assault put up big game numbers when it came to impressions, video views and hashtag use that propelled this client to be one of the top trending brands on Twitter.

Bartell Drugs
Prescription for Rebranding

In another example, a SocialToaster agency partner used the SocialToaster platform to support a local chain of drug stores that was looking to expand and rebrand their image. As a regional chain, the footprint of the campaign was limited, however this geographic limitation in know what limited the program. By the end of the campaign, the projected number of participants more than doubled, the earned media from the exposure cumulated in a 490% earned media ROI, and the client was at the forefront of the mind of the marketplace.