Your Wintry Marketing Mix

winter marketing

Brr! If you’ve been outside lately, you’ve experienced first hand how icy this winter will be. When the weather changes, so does your marketing strategy, so we’ve put together a few tips that should help keep your marketing efforts hot despite the cold season. Winter Marketing Tips

Winter Marketing Tips

1) Take Them Away From The Cold

Depict climates that are a far cry from snow and sleet. This works well for travel companies, but could be applied to various businesses. Take your audience to a tropical island or southern city to put them in a more positive state of mind away from the harsh winter. You can explicitly state that you’re using this tactic, and your audience will still enjoy viewing your warmer advertisements.

 2) Leverage Wintry Holidays

ranging from Christmas to Valentine’s Day to President’s Day, so keep these in mind when planning your campaigns. You could ignore the cold altogether by putting the focus on your company’s contributions to Martin Luther King Day or by promoting an “Early 2015” sale. Use these holidays to your advantage to set the tone for your campaigns and keep customers in the spirit of buying!

 3) Focus on the Fun

Sure, shoveling snow isn’t great, but building a snow man? Totally exciting. Sprinkle hot cocoa, sledding, skiing, snowball fights, and the other items that make winter an amazing time of year. This keeps your customers grounded in the season while taking their focus away from the cold and putting them in a more positive state of mind. Tip: use pictures of kids playing in the snow for maximum effectiveness.

Make sure your content is engaging for your customers, both in the winter and year-round. We’ve authored a post on content marketing’s importance earlier, but feel free to reach out to us if you have questions implementing your social media marketing campaign. Stay warm!

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