What We Do

SocialToaster has been heating up the social marketing scene since 2009. We started out with four programmers and a widget with the goal of making it easy for companies to connect with their fans. Through working and partnering with some of the world’s best brands including Viacom, Sony, and the Baltimore Ravens, we have evolved into an enterprise-level fan engagement platform that uses social media to amplify your brand’s message.

So what do we do, exactly? We turn your fans into Superfans! Through our custom fan engagement platform, you can empower your biggest supporters to act as word-of-mouth ambassadors for your brand; Content is sent directly to them through SocialToaster and they share with the click of a button.

With SocialToaster, you can reach and engage fans through marketing emails, social media campaigns, contests and social gamification, all of which are easily customized to your brand. SocialToaster is compatible with all of the major social networks and uses an easy social-signup system that’ll have Superfans sharing your content in seconds.

SocialToaster even makes it easy to track your results. Our advanced, real-time reporting and social analytics help you better connect with your Superfans and get your message in front of more audiences.

Our team is continuously growing and we're always working to release new features, diversifying our clientele and improving on our patented content sharing process. The SocialToaster platform is ready to launch almost immediately and can be customized to fit your brand and campaign needs.

Take a look at all of the exciting things that people are doing with SocialToaster and be sure to get a demo to figure out how SocialToaster can give your Superfans superpowers.* Amplify your brand message, extend your reach, increase your visibility, and grow your influence with SocialToaster!

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*Tights are optional