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Social selling is the new wave of sales. According to LinkedIn, using social in part of your selling process creates 45% more sales opportunities. Around the globe, businesses use social selling to reach new audiences, cultivate relationships, and set their sales team up for success as thought leaders in their space.

The result?

  • Increased revenue
  • Quicker sales cycle
  • More deal opportunities

Sell More With SocialToaster

SocialToaster arms salespeople with the social media tools they need to find and connect with buyers, build relationships, and close deals. Sales teams that use SocialToaster can quickly and easily find the approved content they need to share without having to worry about compliance issues. 

With our platform, salespeople can curate content from a rich content library or share your newest content across their preferred social media channels with just a few clicks – saving them time and allowing them to focus more energy on building relationships with their customers and closing deals.

Transform Your Sales Team Into Social Sellers

Build awareness, drive leads, and increase revenue with a SocialToaster Social Selling program. 

How Can SocialToaster Help?

Build lasting relationships with your prospects

Centralized content library

Approved and compliant-friendly content

Straightforward and intuitive user experience for your sales team

Real-time performance reporting

Reward your top sales participants with monthly contests


Solutions for any industry

Professional Services
Nonprofits &
Higher Education
Financial Services

Ready to turn your sales force into a social selling machine?

Empower Your Sales Force With a Social Selling Campaign

SocialToaster can help your team drive more pipeline opportunities, quicken your sales cycle, and win more sales. Request a demo here or send us an email to to learn more.