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From a widget to way more!

SocialToaster was born in Baltimore in 2009. Back then, we were only four programmers with an idea for a widget that would help companies connect with their followers.

We’re way more than a widget today, but we still believe in finding the best way to connect our clients with their customers.

And we are committed to that promise. Unlike other engagement platforms, we at SocialToaster are constantly improving, giving you the most advanced tools to reach your public. We use the latest technology, including artificial intelligence, RSS feeds, push notifications, and fully customizable campaign pages to keep you, and your campaign, on the cutting edge.

We have helped hundreds of clients, from big and small businesses, to the music and entertainment industry, to non-profits and economic development groups, to colleges and universities.

SocialToaster’s mix of content marketing and fan advocacy tools make engaging your employees, followers, customers, alumni, guests or others a breeze!


How Does SocialToaster Work?

Brand Advocates join your brand’s SocialToaster program via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email or other integrated social media networks.

When you’re ready to distribute content for your Advocates to share, simply take the URL to that content and process it through the simple SocialToaster advocacy management platform.

SocialToaster sends it directly to your ambassadors’ inboxes, ready for them to share to their connected social channels.

SocialToaster also monitors your social and digital channels, looking for new content to share with Brand Advocates who are most likely to engage with and share it to their social channels.

But, What's In It For Your Brand Advocates? REWARDS!

The SocialToaster platform allows you to reward your Advocates with exclusive content, prizes and VIP experiences, giving them even more of an incentive to share your content. 


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Lets Get Started On Your Campaign

Would you like to connect with someone on our sales team to learn more about the SocialToaster platform and how it might add value to your business? Request a demo here or send us an email to sales@socialtoaster.com.