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Simplify Social Media Advocacy with SocialToaster Enterprise

Transform your existing Customers, Employees, Sales Team, or Stakeholders into a community of active ambassadors with SocialToaster.

SocialToaster Enterprise makes it easy for your contacts to share your sales and marketing content on their personal social media profiles, so your audience can see and engage with your best content. With our industry-leading platform, we use artificial intelligence to curate your digital marketing content and send it directly to your supporters via email, text messaging, and Slack or Teams, activating them automatically 24/7.

Our platform is designed to meet a variety of social marketing, communication, and engagement objectives for almost any industry. Here are some key benefits of SocialToaster Enterprise:

  • Streamlined sharing process: Our intuitive and user-friendly platform makes it easy for your supporters to share your content on social media.
  • Break through the clutter: With SocialToaster Enterprise, your best content will stand out and get noticed by your audience.
  • Save time: Our automated platform takes care of content curation and activation, freeing up your time to focus on other important tasks.
  • Boost engagement: By activating your supporters to share your content, you can increase engagement and reach a wider audience.

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Amplify Content and Drive Word-of-Mouth Referral Traffic

How Does SocialToaster Enterprise Work?

SocialToaster Enterprise makes it easy for your contacts to join your brand’s program and share your content on their social media profiles. Our platform connects with your website and social channels to identify and promote your branded content to your users. You can also promote third-party content, such as news articles or product reviews.

With SocialToaster, you can promote your content directly to your users via email, text messaging, or through Slack or Teams. Our streamlined sharing process makes it easy for users to engage with your content and share it on their personal social networks.

Our platform also features a content engagement portal, where your users can log in to see other opportunities to engage with your content or create their own branded user-generated content. They can also compare their performance to other participants.

Here are some key benefits of SocialToaster Enterprise:

  • Easy content promotion: Our platform makes it easy to promote your content to your contacts.
  • Third-party content promotion: You can also promote third-party content to your users.
  • Streamlined sharing process: Our user-friendly platform makes it easy for your users to share your content on social media.
  • Robust content engagement portal: Our portal allows users to engage with your content and compare their performance.
  • Actionable reporting: Our reporting provides insight into all sharing and engagement activity, as well as detailed information about your users and the ROI of your program.

What's In It For Your Users?

Many users participate simply because they love the organization or the brand. But, the SocialToaster platform features gamification and leaderboards, and allows you to optionally reward your participants with exclusive content, prizes and VIP experiences, giving them even more of an incentive to share your content. 

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Say ‘hello’ to our AI-powered content marketing assistant. ContentToaster automatically finds and distributes your marketing and Sales content 24/7.

You likely have hundreds, maybe even thousands of pieces of marketing content. From your blog and white papers to email, to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more, your digital content footprint is probably larger than you’d think.

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How Are You Leveraging Your Existing Marketing Content?

Even with some of the top marketing technology in place, you’re still probably manually creating audience personas, lumping content into those personas, and then hoping that people who receive your content actually care about it.

What if there were an easier way? One that takes the manual labor out of content marketing and curation?

What if audience personas were irrelevant because your content marketing was powered by artificial intelligence, analyzing actual user engagement data to identify and send content to users who are likely to engage with it?

The Future of Content Marketing is Here

Every content marketer knows that customization is key. The shotgun approach to content doesn’t work.

ContentToaster uses artificial intelligence to identify new and relevant content from a variety of digital sources and deliver that content automatically to brand advocates that the AI has identified as being most likely to engage with it.

Not only will ContentToaster save you and your team time and effort, but it will also dramatically improve engagement and sharing because it’s sending the right content to the right audience at the right time.

SocialToaster Enterprise Examples

At SocialToaster, we offer customized solutions to fit your unique industry needs in retail, apparel, fashion & beauty, entertainment properties, food & beverage, consumer products, and more. See some of our clients below for examples.

SocialToaster Enterprise Features


Remove the friction from the social sharing process.


Take polls and gather information from your advocates.


Drive engagement on your content and amplify your social following.


Build your community and encourage interaction.


Monitor program performance and Identify your brand’s biggest fans.


Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.


Monitor program performance and Identify your brand’s biggest fans.


A robust API and existing integrations with Salesforce, Magento, Google Analytics, and more.

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