White Paper:
Leverage your Micro-Influencers and Everyday Fans

Download our newest white paper and learn the difference between working with a Micro-Influencer vs. Everyday Fans and how each can be leveraged to support your advocacy marketing and influencer marketing efforts.

The Dramatic Rise of
Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing continues to take hold as a tactic to leverage social media marketing initiatives. As the tactic continues to gain in popularity, a new classification of influencer has emerged: The Micro-Influencer. Marketers are strategically deploying both Micro-Influencers and the brand’s own Everyday Fans to reach and engage with new consumers.

But what exactly is a Micro-Influencer? And how do they compare to your Everyday Fan? We break down the differences between the two, discuss which one is right for your social media strategy, and tell you how to best utilize each in our latest white paper, “Everyday Fans vs. Micro-Influencers: What You Need to Know to Support Your Influencer Marketing Efforts”. And if you’re ready to get started engaging more with your biggest fans, let us know!


We Compare Micro-Influencers & Everyday Fans Based On:

Audience Size
Engagement Rates
Consumer Trust
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