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SocialToaster For WooCommerce Enabled WordPress Sites

Super-charge Your Marketing Content Directly From Your WooCommerce Enabled WordPress Site with the SocialToaster for WooCommerce Plugin

The SocialToaster for WooCommerce plugin allows WooCommerce-enabled WordPress sites to integrate the capabilities of SocialToaster directly into their check-out process.

With the plugin installed, your store offers an easy way for customers to join your SocialToaster program, seamlessly integrating into your site with a single sign-on feature. When paired with the WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin, the SocialToaster for WooCommerce plugin also allows you to reward your customers with points redeemable towards great prizes.

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WooCommerce Plugin Features

Program Sign-up Buttons

Enhancing the recruitment power of your program, the SocialToaster for WooCommerce plugin allows your customers to immediately sign up for your SocialToaster program after they’ve completed their checkout*, allowing you to get them involved directly from their confirmation screen.

A new profile is automatically created for each new program user within your SocialToaster database**. Once they’re signed up, your new user is able to easily navigate to their account via the “Success!” button.

*Users will also have the ability to sign up for the SocialToaster program from My Points, Account Details, Addresses, and Order Pages. 

**When a user signs up for SocialToaster without having a matching account on your WooCommerce site, SocialToaster will create an account for them using their provided email address.

Single Sign-on Capabilities

Once your user has signed up and created a profile within your program, the SocialToaster for WooCommerce plugin will allow your user to gain access to their SocialToaster account directly from your site via a single login.

Once logged in to your WooCommerce site, your users will also be logged into your SocialToaster site when they navigate to it.

Points Integration

Your SocialToaster program allows your users to earn points with each action they take on your behalf. With the SocialToaster for WooCommerce plugin, your users can easily earn and track their points directly from your integrated website.

From your SocialToaster program, users will be able to earn points and View Reward Points by going to the History page. Your users can now see the points they have earned on the WooCommerce My Account page.

Ready for the SocialToaster WooCommerce WordPress Plugin?

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