5 Ways Employee Engagement Can Support Social Selling

Employee engagement is an essential part of any business’s revenue pipeline. Employees who feel valued and are committed to the company will be more productive, provide better customer service, and help your business reach its goals. But it isn’t just about increasing productivity; employee engagement can also play a pivotal role in successful social selling. Here are five ways businesses can use employee engagement to support social selling.

Five Ways Businesses Can Use Employee Engagement to Support Social Selling

Develop a Social Selling Strategy That Involves Everyone

Successful social selling requires a comprehensive strategy involving all team members. To ensure everyone is on the same page, create guidelines or strategies detailing how each employee should engage with potential customers on social media.

You’ll also want to train your employees on how to participate in your social selling. A key part of this training should include “why” they should participate. Let them know what is in it for them.

Encourage Employees to Connect with Their Network

Most people have an extensive network of contacts that they can tap into regarding social selling. Encourage employees to leverage their social networks by connecting with potential customers and sharing company content on their profiles. This is an effective way to get more eyes on your business and help expand your reach beyond the usual channels.

Offer Rewards for Engagement

Offering rewards or incentives for employee engagement can be a great way to drive results in social selling and show appreciation for those who go above and beyond.

Consider offering bonuses, gift cards, extra time off, special recognition, or other perks for team members who are particularly active or successful in their social selling efforts.

Keep Team Members Informed and Up to Date

It’s important to keep team members informed of any changes or updates related to the company’s social selling strategy, as well as industry news that may be relevant.

This will help ensure that everyone is on the same page and motivated to take part in conversations. Additionally, regular staff meetings or training sessions on social selling can provide a platform for sharing best practices and tips for success.

Track Results and Performance

Tracking metrics related to employee engagement and social selling can provide valuable insight into what works best for your business.

Consider establishing key performance indicators (KPIs) such as follower growth, likes, shares, comment counts, and website traffic in order to better understand the impact of your social selling efforts.

Bonus Tip: Invest in The Right Technologies

There is a direct correlation between how easy it is for your employees to share your content and the likelihood they are to participate in your social selling program.

Tools like SocialToaster remove any friction in your social selling program with a host of features, including:

  • Slack and Team Integrations that notify employees when new content is available.
  • Measurement and reporting to track the metrics that matter most to your organization.
  • Content libraries that allow employees to browse and share past content.
  • Automated point calculations for rewards and other recognition efforts.

Learn more about how SocialToaster’s can support your brand’s social selling efforts. Schedule a demo today.

Employee engagement can be an invaluable asset when it comes to social selling. By following these five tips, businesses can better utilize their team’s involvement to reach their goals and increase sales. With the right strategy and support, employee engagement can become a powerful tool for success.

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