Avocados From Mexico: Big Game, Big Wins

Avocados From Mexico Big Game 2019 Campaign

It’s always big news when your big client is mentioned for doing big things during the Big Game! That’s why we at SocialToaster are so proud of Avocados From Mexico’s in-game performance that fateful Sunday!

Though the game may have dragged at a trudging pace and ultimately another trophy wound up in the hands of New England (to most fan’s dismay), Avocados From Mexico kept things moving and shaking in the field of Big Game advertising, marketing, and social media.

A Solid Offense

The avocado market isn’t going anywhere. In an analysis, the Haas Avocado Board found that all three first-quarter holidays – the Big Game, Valentine’s Day, and St. Patrick’s Day – saw double-digit sales growth in 2018 , with an estimated $58.4 million being spent on #avos specifically for February football . The market also saw an average of 6% increase in overall sales during this same period.

And that was 2018.

Year-over-year shipment data shows that the first 5 weeks of 2019 have seen an almost 15% increase in avocado shipment volume . So you can see why connecting the key ingredient in the tastiest dip on the planet with the biggest sporting event of the year is a huge victory in itself.

Avocados From Mexico For The Win(s)

Purchase Consideration – Double Digit Increase

Purchase consideration tracks a consumer’s willingness to buy an item or subscribe to a service. After airing their ingenious “Top Dog” ad and the subsequent social media push, Avocados From Mexico’s purchase consideration stat jumped an incredible 12.1%, moving from 15% to over 27%! Next closest in gain was Doritos, followed by Pepsi, and host network CBS.

Most Used Branded Hashtag – 606M Impressions

When you combine star power and cute dogs, you know you’re in in the sweet spot. Throw in a great hashtag and you’re suddenly the most used branded hashtag during the Big Game.

#AvocadosFromMexico made it’s name known to the tune of 606-million dog-snuggling, Chenowyth-loving, and avocado-licious impressions, and pushing people to their “Anything For Avos” Big Game landing page.

Considering only 98.2 million people  watched the game, you can expect that AFM hashtag was seen and interacted with far beyond the game itself. Now that’s Big Game branding that goes beyond the red zone.

Vision and Teamwork

Ivonne Kinser, Head of Digital at Avocados From Mexico, remarked:

SocialToaster has become a critical component of our marketing strategy for this event and continues to drive earned media value across all social media networks. We are excited by the results and the teamwork that went into this success.”

It takes a team built on strategy and speed to execute a play of this magnitude and we applaud Avocados from Mexico and the rest of the team for another great season!

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