Client Spotlight: Broadway Boosters


This week, we’ve chosen Broadway Boosters, a Telecharge program dedicated to building buzz for Broadway shows, for our client spotlight. With the help of SocialToaster, Broadway Boosters has consistently grown since the summer of  2013 to build a team of over 5,600 supporters with a potential reach of over 2.5 million.

According to Eric Schwartz, Interactive Marketing Coordinator at Shubert Ticketing, “word of mouth is the most influential factor in show selection, and social allows us to listen and participate in those conversations.” The Boosters program is a great example of how entertainment entities can use fan engagement platforms to improve their engagement: rather than buying banner advertisements on Facebook, advertisers can focus on creating fan advocates for effective results. As far as Boosters is concerned, the program places importance on cultivating an online presence since its fans have cited social media posts as the primary motivating factor for choosing which show to watch.

When asked how SocialToaster helped Telecharge expand its reach, Eric replied, “SocialToaster helps us to get the information we want to communicate in front of more eyes in a meaningful way.” Since personal recommendations carry more weight than traditional advertisements, Telecharge understandably wanted to use our fan engagement platform to increase their reach. “Broadway Boosters allows us to facilitate word of mouth and leverage our biggest fans in a way that other online ads cannot.”

SocialToaster runs programs for companies ranging from Perdue Chicken to AARP, and each program is individually tailored to help clients reach their biggest fans. If you’re interested in building your own advocacy program, give us a call at 855.62.TOAST, send us an email, or request a free demo!

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