Client Spotlight: Creative Cooks Club


Nothing brings people together like good food. And that is exactly what Better Than Bouillon intends to do! Its Creative Cooks Club campaign is stirring things up with innovative recipes that will whisk you away (Get it, the puns practically write themselves!). The central aim of the campaign is to create a consumer invested program that targets females, especially those hard-working mothers out there, who are looking for a new, fun, and exciting way to cook up their favorite Better Than Bouillon products. The goal is to encourage members to share the recipes and meals they made with their friends, family, and the rest of their social media following.

Client Spotlight: Creative Cooks Club

Food IS Social

The rising trend in sharing creative cooking ideas on social media has left people asking WTF; that is, Where’s The Food? Tasty on BuzzFeed, Super Healthy Kids, and Pinterest are just some of the sites that play into the deliciousness that is social food sharing. So what sets Creative Cooks Club apart you may ask? This campaign has a great interactive component that allows members to share their love with both their followers and Better Than Bouillon itself. Here’s where fans can rock their chef hats by submitting their own personal twist on the recipes they loved to the campaign site to earn rewards!  What’s the takeaway for your brand? Embrace your program member’s ingenuity! Encourage them to go a bit outside the box; who knows, your brand might even learn something about itself it never even knew!

Food IS Rewarding

As with most SocialToaster programs, “Creative Cooks Clubs” gives its members the opportunity to earn points with the program by simply signing up, recruiting a friend, mentioning the brand in status updates, and more. However, Creative Cooks Club also tapped into the competitive side of its audience (Who doesn’t want to “out-Mom” their neighbor?) by allowing members to earn significant points by sharing their own culinary creations. The result, a virtual army of content creating chefs. What can your team learn from this? If you’re making a big “ask” in your program, be sure you have a big enough carrot.

Food IS Visual

Who wouldn’t be pulled in by a website full of delectable visuals and creative that leaves you wanting more? Answer: no one. Eating well is a form of self-respect thus, it would be morally wrong to not embrace all the deliciousness available. At least, this is what we tell our waistline. By focusing less on the specific product, and more on the end result of using the product, Better Than Bullion, provided users with a plethora of strong visuals that focused on everything from appetizers and soups, to roasts and four-course meals. With the help of these strong visuals (and a bit of SocialToaster magic), the Creative Cooks Club garnered an extremely high post engagement rate relative to other campaigns in the same space. In other words, more people than average interacted with the site to share the recipes they tried, the pictures of the meals they made, and their own rendition of the recipes they created.  So what can your brand learn from this? Lean into strong visuals and provide content to your fan base that they can’t help but share! Make your fans look good on social media (propel them into thought leadership) and they’ll return the favor 10x.

SocialToaster ultimately improved the social engagement between Better Than Bouillon and its audience by allowing it to reach not only their followers but their followers’ followers. Together, they have shown that people who love to eat are always the best people. Bon Appetit!

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