Case Study: How Beauty Brands Use SocialToaster To Drive Online Reviews

Drive Online Reviews

This week, we’re pulling back the kimono on one of our favorite industries: beauty brands. At SocialToaster, we’re lucky enough to work with several brands in the beauty space (everything from makeup to lotions and bath products). And while we help them leverage the SocialToaster platform to support a number of initiatives, one specific initiative stands head-and-shoulders (see what we did there?) above the rest. Keep reading to learn how beauty brands are using the power of advocacy marketing and SocialToaster to drive online reviews to grow their business.

The Power of Online Reviews 

Regardless of whether their customers are shopping in-store or online, one thing is for sure; online reviews directly influence a customer’s likelihood to make a purchase (regardless of channel).

A 2017 study by saw that 93% of consumers say that online reviews and recommendations impact their purchase decisions. What’s more, reviews influence up to 10% of the search engine rankings for local searches helping to drive more foot traffic to a retail location. 

Beauty brands that work with SocialToaster understand that online reviews are a critical piece of third-party credibility. They provide an opportunity to foster trust and provide transparency into the products the brand is selling and event the brand itself. The more confidence a consumer has in a product, the more likely (and quicker) they are to commit to making a purchase. 

The Solution: Drive Online Reviews with a SocialToaster Advocacy Marketing Program

So, how do you systemize a review driving process that can scale and grow alongside your business? By leveraging a SocialToaster advocacy marketing program to easily reach and incentivize their advocates to write online reviews of their products. 

Through their programs, beauty brand fans and advocates receive an email from the brand driving them to an online review site where they can opt to review the products they’ve purchased or the company as a whole.

With an easy screen capture after the review is complete, members can earn points towards the advocacy program’s monthly prizes providing an incentive for advocates to leave reviews of the products they purchase habitually. 

The Results Are In 

So, just how successful is advocacy marketing in driving reviews? On average, beauty brands that utilize their SocialToaster advocacy marketing program to drive online product reviews see 53% of participants write reviews, generating an average of nearly 30 new reviews in a matter of weeks.

Additional Advocacy Marketing Initiatives

Driving online reviews might be the focus of this case study, but it’s not the only marketing initiative advocacy marketing can help support. Through SocialToaster, beauty brands are leveraging their advocacy marketing programs to: 

  • Drive promotion awareness
  • Amplify and share content
  • Promote in-store events 
  • Hold contests and share free samples
  • Grow their social following

And so much more! 

Hey Good-Lookin’, Ready to Get Started?

Are you ready to grow your review count and take your beauty brand business to the next level? We can help. We have a proven track record of supporting and developing our beauty brand clients. Email us today, and one of our advocacy strategists can help create a review-driving advocacy program customized to suit your needs.

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