Engaging Potential Employees With Your Social Media Presence

engaging potential employees

As a business owner, you are probably already aware that prospective employees are trolling your website right now trying to get more information on your open positions. It is assumed that job seekers often review the corporate websites of companies where they would like to find themselves employed to learn more about a company’s corporate culture, mission and vision, and how to sell themselves to the company as their ideal candidate. Are you as aware that those same job seekers are probably paying as much, if not more attention to your social pages than your website? And more importantly, are your social pages ready for engaging potential employers?

How you build your social media profile can communicate information to a potential employee that goes far beyond your organization’s number of Facebook Likes and Twitter followers. Following are tips for creating social media pages that resonate with the employees you would like to attract.


Engaging Potential Employees With Your Social Media Presence

Think of your social pages as microsites of your website

Extract a few key messages from your website for your Facebook page that any potential employee should know. For nonprofit organizations, this bit of information may be your mission statement. Corporations may find it more important to inspire future employees with a vision statement that indicates the organization’s top goals. A Business to Consumer organization may be far more focused on communicating its core values and customer service standards. Also, incorporate compelling photos about corporate culture along with some that communicate employee life so that prospective employees can picture themselves working at your company, and recent awards won or benchmarks earned so that future employees can glean your measure for success.

Showcase blogs about tips on getting hired at your firm

In this highly competitive job market, potential employees are searching for information to help them get hired. Consider blogs from your HR team on topics like “How to Create Engaging Interview Questions”, and “How to Create a Unique Candidate Profile.” Be sure to include a section where potential employees can leave comments so that you may learn more about the potential candidates in another medium. Sodexo, a corporation that provides a wide range of services that improve the quality of daily life of millions of consumers worldwide, has launched a strong effort on the social media front through which they communicate to potential employees using social media. In a July entry of blog Sodexo Careers, Sourcing & Recruitment Marketing Specialist, Darla Mayse said the company’s social media presence has improved the company’s ability to connect with potential employers on a more personal level: “…the Sodexo Talent Acquisition team’s social media presence [has] definitely enhanced our ability as recruiters to connect and engage candidates in a different way. Engaging people and building relationships is the essence of being a great recruiter.”

Practice good reputation management

Your company may not have the resources to create and maintain a blog or two, a Facebook page and a Linked-In group for Past, Present and Future employees of your corporation, a la Sodexo. However, it is important to appropriate enough time to the social pages you do create so that when someone leaves a comment or sends you a direct message in a timely fashion (remember that for social media, that’s a very short window), even the message is: “Can’t believe you guys didn’t hire me!” Create an internal team of employees to brainstorm the handling of potential image problems and practice reputation management. Nearly every negative comment can be turned into a positive response. And participation in the social media world is always a much better idea than ignoring difficult questions.

Feature successes of current employees

Being a town crier who toots the success of his or her own employees can only serve as a positive PR gesture, and one that can only encourage potential employees. Feature employees who won “Employee of the Month” or who made quota or won an award on your social pages (with their permission of course). After all, what could attract potential employees more than the promise of recognition for a job well done?

Get familiar with the tools for job seeking in the age of Social Media

The dawn of Gold Mail, a social media tool that allows you to create a video resume, and Tweet My Jobs, a service that helps match employees with employers, job seeking has completely gone social. Translation – if your company is not aware of the social job seeking skills, you will definitely stand out, but not for the right reasons. So definitely take the time to research all of the tools “out there” that potential employees can use to get noticed.


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