Drive Conversions With These Landing Page Optimization Tips

landing page optimization tips

Every successful SocialToaster program starts with a successful landing page. After all, your landing page is your program’s first impression and as much as we say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, we all know that’s exactly what happens. Your program’s recruitment lives and dies by your landing page. If you’re seeing low conversion numbers or a consistent low level of new recruits, the first place we recommend looking is at the program sign-up page and incorporating these landing page optimization tips.

4 Landing Page Optimization Tips

Now that your SocialToaster program is up and running, be sure to incorporate these landing page optimization tips to ensure it’s as easy as possible for potential Superfans to join your advocacy efforts!

1) Use Images That Speak To Your Audience

We believe one of the easiest ways to keep people on the page is strong imagery. People are subjected to a dizzying amount of content online these days – Wait you don’t get dizzy when on Facebook? Maybe I just need to go to a doctor. – so having a page that really pops is a surefire way to pique some curiosity before they have even read a word. Your page should include a strong welcome image of the program that helps to showcase what the program represents. We recommend utilizing lifestyle imagery that reflect your brand’s image. Likewise, you’ll want to also be sure you have a strong image of your chosen prizing. Show people that come to your sign-up page what they are working towards.

2) Develop A Strong Call-to-Action

Include, alongside the imagery, a strong call-to-action. That’s right, use your words.. Visitors to your landing page aren’t mind readers, they need you to tell them what you want from them. At this point they might not even know what a SocialToaster program is – we know that sounds crazy – so you have to lay it out clearly.

3) Limit Copy To Key Information

Quickly and clearly conveying ideas via copy doesn’t just apply to the CTA, but to all copy on your landing page. Less is more couldn’t be more true than here. Remember, people have short attention spans online! If you bombard people with a wall of text, plenty of them are going to hit the escape button – and quickly.

The few words you do decide to put on the page have to pack a punch. So be sure to come out swinging. Each word has to convey exactly what is so great about this program. If you want to persuade, the benefits need to be powerfully displayed. These benefits have to be real though. Don’t exaggerate how awesome the program is or play down what is required of people just to get them signed up. By giving people a real expectation of what they will get from signing up and sharing you are bound to have a much happier userbase down the road.

4) Are You Mobile-Friendly?

Last but by no means least, make sure your landing page is mobile friendly. A vast majority of social traffic comes from mobile, with rates increasing daily. If your page is desktop only, all those mobile visitors are going to leave. Have you ever tried to navigate a desktop page on your phone? It’s a nightmare. Leave pinch-and-swipe back in 2013 where it belongs! With a SocialToaster program making sure you’re optimized for a mobile viewing experience is as easy as the click of a button.

SocialToaster: Your Advocacy Marketing Partner

SocialToaster is here to help keep your advocacy marketing program running strong. If you need some advice on increasing your conversion, give us a call at 855.62.TOAST or send us an email!

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