Professional Services Firm Expanding Their Audience through Social Marketing

The Maryland, DC, and Pennsylvania divisions of Clifton Gunderson, LLP, a nationwide firm of certified public accountants and consultants, is an example of a professional services company that routinely produces Thought Leadership pieces including white papers, webinars, and E-blasts to communicate with its customers.  Yet the company struggles with cutting edge, innovative methods of effectively distributing these ideas to its target audience.

According to the company’s leadership, traditional messages such as direct mail and E-blasts were becoming stale and could only reach the company’s existing network.  So CG strategized various methods for sharing innovative ideas to new targets outside of their network who could benefit from their business solutions.  They were led to SocialToaster as a software solution for social marketing that would help them distribute Thought Leadership material creatively across the social space, while creating an army of Ambassadors in the social space who would be willing to become evangelists for Clifton Gunderson in this new social frontier.

Although Clifton Gunderson is in the beginning stages of its campaign, it has already experienced phenomenal results.  The company has already recruited 72 new Ambassadors, and driven 867 visits to its blog site, with 444 new or unique visitors and 730 links shared.  Within a few weeks, Clifton Gunderson’s 72 Ambassadors have amassed 15,646 connections across three social networks.  As the campaign continues, Clifton Gunderson will continue to use SocialToaster to continue expanding its network by driving Thought Leadership materials through their partnerships, employees, clients, and strategic alliances and connecting ideas to each of these individuals’ connections.

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