Food & Beverage Brands: Five Memorial Day “Don’ts” For Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Last week we talked all about the ways you can incorporate Memorial Day into your social media posting strategy. Today we’re pulling a 180 and discussing the things you should NOT do when creating Memorial Day content.

Five Memorial Day “Don’ts” For Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

1) Don’t Promote Your Brand When You Pay Tribute to Memorial Day

If your Memorial Day Facebook post says something like, “Remember all those who sacrificed so we could enjoy delicious, refreshing WaterMoon Lite,” delete it. Go ahead, we’ll wait. Nothing will turn your audience off quicker than some clumsy attempt to associate your brand with a national day of remembrance

2) Don’t Confuse Memorial Day with Veteran’s Day

Two different holidays. Two different days. Two different purposes. Know the difference and make sure your posts reflect the difference.

3) Don’t Say “Happy Memorial Day”

Short and simple. Memorial Day is, as the name implies, a day of Memorial. You wouldn’t say, “Happy Funeral” would you?

4) Don’t Mix Up Your Hashtags

Hashtags are one of the best tools a brand has on social media. The right hashtag can get your post seen by hundreds or thousands of potential customers. However, during Memorial Day, be sure you keep your hashtags relevant to your posts. Use #MemorialDayWeekend in your posts about sales and BBQs, and #MemorialDay for posts that pay tribute to the holiday.

5) Don’t Stick to One Social Media Platform

Facebook should not be the end-all-be-all of your Memorial Day Weekend social media strategy. To drive maximum visibility and encourage sales, be sure you’re cross-promoting your content on your entire social media presence. Better yet, take the time to curate content tailor-made for each specific platform. Videos of different length for the video component of each platform, images of optimal sizes, and messages specifically tailored will be better received.

For your Memorial Day social marketing to be successful, creating standout messaging is important, but staying away from bad messaging is essential. Don’t put your foot in your mouth this Memorial Day; review your content to make sure you’re acting in good taste on a solemn holiday.

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