25 Digital Marketing Stats You Need to Know In 2023

Staying on top of the latest marketing strategies is critical to business and marketing success – and 2023 is no exception to that rule. Similar to 2022, we’re seeing digital marketers trending in a predictable manner with a focus on mobile optimization, intuitive UX (user experience), and integrated advocacy/influencer campaigns. To help your brand get its marketing strategies ready for 2023, we’ve compiled a list of the newest trend, marketing statistics, and audience insights.

Here are 25 Digital Marketing Statistics for 2023

Five Social Media Statistics:

1. Brands will need to continue to create and publish their own content in 2023. According to Smallbizgenius, 84% of consumers expect brands to create their own content.

2. Social Media has taken over the globe, and our free time, with 59% of the world population using social media. The daily average time for every user is two hours and 29 minutes.

3. Debatably,  social media is the most important medium for digital marketing. 71% of Gen Z-ers prefer to discover new products on social media. And just as staggering 51% of millennials utilize social media.

4. Facebook still dominates the social media realm, with almost 3 billion users. YouTube comes up second with 2.5 billion users.  And as you can imagine, according to Statista, TikTok is the fastest-growing social platform.

5. Social media marketing takes up a significant portion of a brand’s marketing budget. It’s projected that over $173 billion is going to be spent on social media advertising in 2022.

Five Paid Media Statistics: Getting an Efficient ROI

1. The average Paid Search campaign generates a 200% ROI. If you aren’t seeing a similar ROAS, it may be time to change up your Google Ads efforts.

2.  It’s critical that you invest in ads that engage your users, “70%-80% of users ignore sponsored search results.”

3. Influencer marketing is a growing paid media channel. 89% of companies will re-invest in paid influencer content.

4. Through paid ads, 28% of internet users have found new products and services – making paid media a necessary component of any successful marketing effort.

5. Getting to know your demographic and being able to use that to your advantage is important.  58% of millennials reported making a purchase based on an online ad. Know your market and dominate it!

Five Conversion Statistics: An Efficient Pipeline

1. Email is still one of the most successful forms of customer conversion. “Email collection forms were the most successful at converting viewers, with a 15% conversion rate in 2020.”

2. Later in the lists we discuss UX in more detail. But, it is essential in creating a great customer journey. 44% of B2B website traffic is directed to the homepage, as opposed to the landing page.

3. Consistent customer conversion starts with a call to action (CTA).  A simple CTA can generate significant growth, in some cases, an absurd amount of growth, according to RankTracker. With only a single CTA on an email, it could generate 1617% more sales.

4. Consistency is king when trying to obtain new customers. Techjury cites that 81% of sales happen after at least 7 interactions.

5. Ease of use is a virtue in modern applications. Having a website that’s easy to navigate is essential. When removing navigation mechanisms on your platform, customers will purchase and interact more.

Five User Experience Statistics: UX and U

1. Websites with poor design and limited functionality can actively hurt your brand. 88% of online shoppers won’t return to a site after a bad user experience.”

2. Creating an intuitive interface for clients and customers can be challenging. Experimenting with multiple formats can benefit your marketing strategy. For instance, 70% of people look at a bulleted list and only 55% look at a list without bullets.

3. Having a good UX in any platform is what customers expect.  Customers come from and use many different platforms and mobile is one of the most crucial to retaining and increasing engagement.  Around ¾ of visitors will not return to that domain if it’s not mobile optimized.

4. 70% of users abandon their cart before checkout because of poor or unoptimized UX.

5. Having sleek aesthetics and design isn’t just for customer acquisition and retention. With 8 in 10 customers willing to pay more for better customer experience, it’s hard not to emphasize this when you’re reviewing your website.

Five General Digital Marketing Statistics:

1. It’s not a marketing secret that many consumers use a smart device. Over half, 52% of all website traffic comes from mobile devices. Create a diverse and powerful marketing plan that includes mobile.

2. Just because consumers may be using a mobile device to come to your website, it doesn’t mean they’re sticking around. Surprisingly,53% of mobile users leave websites after 3 seconds. Create something attractive, something that will engage users quickly

3. Having a marketing plan that focuses on organic growth is often overlooked at many organizations.  49% of businesses say that the best marketing ROI was through organic growth.

4. Your company needs a healthy reputation at all times, but especially when you’re just beginning. 93% of people read online reviews before making a purchase.” Pushing your customers towards reviews is healthy for SEO.

5. Advocacy marketing works! A recommendation from family and friends can make 83% of Americans more likely to complete a purchase.

Why Are Stats Even Important?

Much like everything else in the world, marketing strategies change and we all must adapt to stay competitive and successful. Reading the most up to date stats about marketing trends can give you insights into the future.

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