3 Ways to Drive Organic SocialToaster Program Growth


A common question we get from new clients is, “Hey guys, the program is working great but is there anything else I can do to drive new recruits?” The short answer is, “Yes!” The longer answer is laid out in this here blog post.

A common question we get from new clients is, “Hey guys, the program is working great but is there anything else I can do to drive new recruits?” The short answer is, “Yes!” The longer answer is laid out in this here blog post.

As we talked about in 5 Tactics for Fan Recruitment, there are several ways to reach out to fans and get them enlisted in your Superfan army—all of which require a strong call to action (CTA). To help supercharge your program growth, check out these three areas to feature a “Join Now!” CTA that have been field tested by our own client veterans, so we know they work.

On Your Website

Being the “digital face” of your brand makes your website a perfect place to feature a CTA for your advocacy program. To drive on-going program growth, you’ll want to ensure that  your SocialToaster program has a presence on your website. We recommend dedicating a page to the program and also including a link to said page in the navigation.

Other site areas that get a lot of program love from our clients include dedicated sub-features on the homepage, sidebar CTA’s on interior pages, and even pop-up requests on the blog.

In Ecommerce Confirmation Emails

Not to state the obvious, but if you’re an ecommerce company and somebody makes a purchase from you, chances are that somebody is a fan (or soon to be a fan) or yours. So why not extend an invite to them? A tactic we see used by our clients (to great effect), is to include a CTA to join in the all-important sales confirmation program. A simple sentence given as a postscript or underneath the shipping information can go a long way to automating the recruitment process.

This works well because most everyone opens their confirmation email, as it contains important information for tracking delivery and record keeping. By placing your CTA in the confirmation email, you are creating a sense of high importance and urgency surrounding your program. This acts as a great psychological motivator and can be instrumental in getting customers to take the next step—in this case, signing up for your program.

In Packaging

Maybe your customer didn’t sign up after you sent the CTA in the confirmation email, or maybe they sent the purchase as a gift. In both scenarios, you have a great opportunity to get the recipient’s attention in the product packaging. To get them on board, go old-school. include an actual invitation to join the program within the package. This doesn’t have to be fancy, just a simple card stock that talks about the program, shares the benefits for joining the program and includes the URL. Since they have to go through the trouble of actually typing in your URL (oh, the humanity!) or giving you a Google, it’s a good idea to add an incentive for joining. A special discount code, a free t-shirt, anything you think your fans would appreciate. Side note, the discount code can go a long way towards encouraging a near-immediate repeat purchase.

Having an effective call to action is is the backbone of your fan recruitment activities, so make its placement a priority. If you’re just beginning to recruit your advocates, make sure you check out these 5 Tactics for Fan Recruitment. If you’ve got a Superfan program going strong and are looking for more tips from the pros, give us a call at 855.628.6278 or contact us here.

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