Four Marketing Agencies to Watch

Four Marketing Agencies to Watch

On our blog, we have talked about new marketing services that your agency should be offering, we have also shared how agencies are using SocialToaster to offer fan advocacy solutions, but we haven’t talked about the agencies themselves. From smaller establishments looking to meet the needs of local businesses, to larger, public agencies that manage the advertising efforts of multi-national corporations, we have worked with all kinds here at SocialToaster. Every agency has something that makes them unique and they all have their own stories to tell. We’ve gathered a list of four marketing agencies to watch because we believe they are going to be YUGE HUGE!


Chandelier Creative

Tagline: A creative, media, and branded entertainment agency
Located in: New York, Los Angeles, Miami and coming soon to Tokyo
Chandelier Creative innovates and collaborates while entertaining and exciting. They are responsible from some of the most entertaining TV spots that we see every day, including the magic that brought Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Snoop Dogg together on the same screen.  They have some clients that you may not have heard of before (totally kidding because these brands and clients are kind of big deals). Their roster of clients includes brands like Old Navy, and J. Crew, and artists such as Kylie Minogue and Dolly Parton. Based in some of the hottest cities with some of the most competitive markets, Chandelier’s innovative campaigns for big name brands and uber zen founder, who has won several awards, have set them apart from the competition. The passion for creativity is strong with this one.
Find out more about them:
BTW we’re not sure which exudes more coolness, their Tumblr/blog or their office space, which includes Maker Spaces.

Vela Strategic Marketing & Public Relation

Tagline: A full-service advertising, marketing and public relations agency
Located in: Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Vela uses their left and right brain…ed people to take current brands to new heights and find the right heights for new brands. The Horn campaign for Mack Trucks is currently their largest video production project to date. What made this campaign unique was that it connected Mack to the gesture of trying to get truck drivers to honk their horn. Who hasn’t done that gesture to a truck driver when going on a road trip? This campaign brought pride to Mack truck drivers and also captured the pride a child feels when they can get a driver to honk their horn. So many feels! And Vela just keeps on truckin’ as their trophy case grows to include 2015-2016 Winston-Salem Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year and two Telly Awards for Outstanding Video Production, one of which was another video for Mack Trucks. Honk if you <3 Vela! Beep beep!
Find out more about them:
Another Oscar Addy-award winning video: Dance and Romance…at Sheetz?



Tagline: A multicultural advertising agency
Located in: Houston, Los Angeles, Mexico City, and Guadalajara
With two offices in the Southwestern region of the United States and two more in Mexico, VRTC truly is a multicultural agency catering to the Hispanic community. According to a report from Nielsen, Latinos are the fastest growing ethnic segment and are projected to grow 167 percent from 2010 to 2050. This population also had a buying power of $1.3 trillion in 2014. VRTC is an award-winning agency that specializes in the Hispanic market, and also has a strong presence in total markets. Based off their experience and success with the Hispanic community, brands should strongly consider partnering with VRTC to reach such a steadily growing audience. Fun fact: We have “clients-in-common” as we have both worked with Avocados From Mexico! Their other clients include Honda, Aeromexico Contigo, and Pueblo Viejo Tequila.
Find out more about them:
We’ll take a La Cumbre por favor.



Tagline: A strategic and creative experiential marketing agency
Located in: Detroit, New York, and Boston
What makes Xperience, who just celebrated their 16th anniversary, unique is their passion for consumer engagement. They value connections and work to create meaningful and memorable relationships between brands and their audience. Naturally, being based in the car capital of the world, Detroit, Michigan, Xperience has a long list of automotive clients, including the likes of Ford, Mazda, Lincoln and even IndyCar. For Xperience and their clients, it is less about the automotive products, and more about the xperience that takes place with them. For example, to show Lincoln’s commitment to advanced technology and to engage customers, they created the Lincoln ePOD so that customers could test out new technology features. Xperience gets the green flag for the win for that one!
Find out more about them:
Automotives are more than just cars and trucks. Sustainability also matters.


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